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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:00 am in Union 219


Spring Support Staff Newsletter



Support Staff Council

President: Annette Charles
Vice President: Barb Hicks
Treasurer: Alice Dempsey
Secretary: Tina Walker


October 2008

Support Staff Council

October 14, 2008

1:30 P.M.

Union 117

Attendees: Stephanie Myers, Susan Malott, Peggy Harrison, Holly Davenport, Dorothy Salsman, Greg Biesemeyer, Sarah Bailey, Pam Bennett, Brenda Dooley, Kathy Maham, Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Tammy Shanks, Diana Summers, Dorothy Salsman, Shelia Schneider

Welcome and Introductions – Ms. Stephanie Myers

Approval of September Minutes – Ms. Stephanie Myers

  • Last page 2nd paragraph, President’s commission on Status of Women remove the word committee.

Treasurers Report – Ms. Susan Malott

  • General Budget - Hasn’t been many changes $1070.82
    • Summer picnic expenses were the only charges.
  • Survival house – made cleaning supply purchases and miscellaneous items.
  • Scholarship fund - Have awarded 2 scholarships this fall.

November Community Coffee - Ms. Peggy Harrison (Included in PSC Report)

Professional Staff Council ReportMs. Holly Davenport

  • Talked about goals, but are still structuring them. 
  • Continue to work with SSC & FS.
    • Co-sponsor Community coffee in November.
  • JP Mees award review criteria and process.  Reviewed fundraising process.
  • Continue efforts to increase communication and awareness of website.
  • Continue welcome procedures
  • Address issues jointly with other governance groups.

  • New business – Community coffee – November 7 Union 236 9:00-10:30. 
  • Should work with the Professional Recognition Committee, secure live music or CD, and decorate the tables. 
  • Would like to have a food drive in conjunction with the Community Coffee. 
  • Contact Savitri at 8687. 
  • Would like to set up 3 tables and have a faculty, PS, and SS table and have a little competition on who collects the most canned food items. 
  • Faculty Senate is not part of this community coffee. 
  • Check with Davie Davis to see if they are interested in participating.  Karen is contacting her. 
  • GWUSERS invitation will be sent out with details. 
  • Will be in Union 236 as of now, Peggy will double check.  If 237 we need both A & B.   First Friday of the month. 

  • Library advisory committee – asked the provost for some extra money to look at where technologies going and their requests were denied.

  • Peggy -Welcome committee gets free drink cards from Sodexho to welcome new Professional Staff members.  We would like to do something similar.

PSC also discussed their budget and how they spend $2000 per year even though the budget is set at $1000 a year.  They just ask the provost for more.  We should be aware that if we have a need, we have that option.  The president and provost do give us extra for our annual breakfast. 

Administrative LiaisonDorothy Salsman for Dr. Roberts

  • The final design for Morrow Garrison Recreation Center has been presented to the board.
  • Campus master plan will be presented to the board in November.
  • Food and Facilities contract will re-open November 7.
  • Open enrollment for our benefits packages is the end of November.  Rates are around 3% increase.
  • Carryforward funds (10% taken from every budget) were used for updating and increasing campus security and several major HVAC issues.
    • Campus wide communication system, lighting, MW Morris HVAC was in serious condition. 

  • We really appreciate the updates from the President.

Committee Representative Terms - Ms. Peggy Harrison

  • Peggy sent a list yesterday via email and has had more updates submitted since then. 
  • Belva Farnsworth is retiring leaving an opening to the Staff Span Committee. 
  • Library Advisory committee – Greg Biesemeyer had volunteered but Mary Brinkley would like to stay on it so Greg is stepping down.  The meeting is tomorrow, he will email Mary the agenda.
  • Public Relations committee Tammy Shanks is no longer on it.  We did away with that committee until we know what function it will serve since we did away with the Solid Gold awards.  Could it be a part of Professional Recognition?
  • Patty Roberts does not want to be on the Welcome committee – Julia Kerr & Ann Davis are interested in working with Trish Hubbard. 
  • Sara Craig is interested in updating the website.  Judy Kenney is currently working on it, but is willing to give it up.  Let Stephanie know what is decided. 
  • Had interest in Public relation committee.   Stephanie has explained what the premise of the committee was and did not receive a response.  Peggy contact those interested parties.

Anyone interested in working on the Staff Span with PSC to work on a combined publication?  Discussed working with Graphics and Journalism students to give them some opportunities for experience.  It is time consuming.  We need volunteers and will send out a request on listserve.

  • Communications committee – Sara Craig was appointed
  • General Councils Panel – on hold until we have a new attorney.  Susie Mysiewicz and Karen O’Keefe would like to stay on.
  • Welcome committee – Trish Hubbard, Julia Kerr and Ann Davis
  • It was decided to dismantle start up committee.  It has been inactive for some time. 
  • Should communications committee have subcategories website and newsletter? 
    • We like that idea.
    • Newsletter should be more focused on governance groups. 
      • Introducing new people, showcasing one area at a time, Support Staff causes, etc.
  • Office Supply swap tomorrow.  Can drop off at 9:45.  Please come back at 11:30 to see if any of your items remain.  Diana Summers will check with Mike Smith to see if discarded items can be donated to Teacher’s Warehouse or Survival House. 

  • Shelia Schneider – We were sent a task force report from Steve Popejoy if anyone is interested in reading it.  Stephanie will send an electronic cop to the council.

Meeting adjourned.