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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:00 am in Union 219


Spring Support Staff Newsletter



Support Staff Council

President: Annette Charles
Vice President: Barb Hicks
Treasurer: Alice Dempsey
Secretary: Tina Walker


October 2009

Support Staff Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2009 at 1:30 p.m.

Union 238

Attendees:  Peggy Harrison, Kathy Maham, Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Shelia Schneider, Betty Roberts, Sarah Bailey, Mike Jefferies, Barb Hicks, Rebecca Veach, Sandy Christ, Michelle Taylor, Tom Sturtevant, Julia Kerr, Stephanie Woerth, Cindy Moore.

Call to order- Peggy Harrison

Welcome and Introductions- Peggy Harrison

Approval of minutes from last meeting

  • Minutes approved

Treasurer’s report- Kathy Maham

  • Support Staff Council - $1,613.15
  • Survival House Abuse Center - $3,214.07
  • Support Staff Educational Award - $487.03
  • Shawn Jones donated ten tickets to the homecoming game for the Survival House.

Administrative Liaison

  • Betty Roberts, VP Finance and Administration
  • ESCO – The Energy Savings Contract was a creative solution to reduce energy costs while addressing some deferred maintenance issues.  ESCO meetings are held every Wednesday to give the campus, especially the building managers, status updates.  Green Screens will be placed across campus for informational purposes.
  • E-Procurement – Sci-Quest is tooling along.  Hope to give a report to the Board of Governors in November regarding the pilot group.  There was an article in Campus Today highlighting UCM as the first mid-size school to consolidate their purchasing power through such means.
  • Overpass – there are plans to modify the overpass to be a more welcoming point for the campus.
  • Enrollment – is up 1.1% which is encouraging for the budget giving the possibility that it may be slightly up by June 2010.

Exercising during the work day- Michelle Taylor, Human Resources

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield is encouraging wellness activities.  This will not become a policy.  It is a climate change initiative.  We want people to become more aware and supportive of each other and at the same time keep each other accountable.  We all know that we need to be more active. Many of us have very sedentary work environments.
  • Is there something that you could do to increase your activity level?  What kind of activities can you do as an office to get some movement into your daily routine? Be creative and find some ways to walk.  Walk on your 15 minute breaks.  Pick up your mail from the mail room twice a week.  Go to supervisors with a game plan.  Not all supervisors are going to be on board with this, but what we are really talking about is a climate change.  Encouraged to start the conversation.  Think of something that is doable without going into overtime or impacting your duties.  Instead of emailing the person right down the hall from you, get up and go speak to them in person.  Just get up and move.
  • Since this was presented to Professional Staff first, it was suggested that they should initiate the promotion of this to their subordinates.  Supervisors have flexibility and they need to use if for what works best in their office.  Human Resources does have training for supervisors, but it is not required.
  • 15 minute breaks and hour lunch are not an official part of university policy.  A question was raised on why it is stated on the website.  By law the university is not required to give 15 minute breaks.  Michelle will check and get back to us.  What the policy was that was for every 4 hours of work you are entitled to 15 minute break (Jefferies comment on what was on the website). 
  • If you have that mechanism already built in (2 - 15 min breaks) then you are at an advantage. With the wellness center opening soon, it will bring lots of options beyond walking.  Student center is only for students.  The concern was not about faculty/staff taking classes but was for the use of the facility for faculty/staff to work out.
  • If Professional Staff/Human Resources could send the information out to members at large it would be helpful.  It would make it easier to coordinate. You also need to include the academic side to in the dissemination of the information (GWUSERS).

Commission for a Positive Workplace Environment- Ginny McTighe

  • Update- after the campus climate survey, they received the results and are building those results in four different sub committees.
  • Red Tape – Dr. Kemp is chairing
  • Diversity discrimination – Dixon getting ready to put out a discrimination online training.  VP will determine who is required to take.  Dr. Roberts will require her staff
  • Job review – expanded name to cover hiring and training as well.  Compiled information gathered and presented to the committee.  Deciding now what area the various issues fall under and how to address them.  Thank you for the input.  Common thread between all concerns expressed. Position descriptions, evaluations, new hire discrepancies, and lack of training as examples.  Will be meeting again next week.  Do not expect anything to be finalized until after they see the harassment program.  Really wanting to get something accomplished and we’ll see what happens down the line.

MoCPA- Stephanie Woerth

  • Missouri College Personnel Association.  UCM is hosting this year. 
  • Feb 5 2010. Save the date cards to pass around. “Leaping forward finding our place- come join us at our pad” is this year’s theme.  Committee of 8 working on it.  Fee of $35.  2008 hosted in St. Louis at Washington U.  Last year hosted in Springfield.  Looking for topics of interest for presenters.  Possible topics – challenging your lily-pad (dealing with changes and keep up with challenges), hopping to survival, time management, stress management, etc.
  • Hope everyone will come.  Last time we hosted was 2006.  We had almost 100 come.  Last time departments paid.  Email thoughts and topics.  Committee will start meeting in November.  If you know any keynote speakers you would be interested in, let her know. Awesome speaker Bernard Franklin Vice Chancellor for MCC at the conference in Ozarks this summer.  Hoping to have different sessions. Charge is for facility and food.  Speaker budget is $500 plus expenses will provide breakfast and lunch.  This is really geared to staff.  CSPA is the committee putting it on (student org).  MoCPA is actually for professionals within the student affairs field. Several years ago they started doing these support staff conferences.  In 2006, we were not given the topics when you registered.  We have topics from past years here if you would like to review them and get some sort of idea.  They also give out a support staff award. 
  • Important to have programs set when registration is sent out.  The issue with that is getting people to commit to do a session and getting people to tell them what they want.  Most need an agenda in order to process the payment. 
  • How will it be marketed to other universities?  Has a list from Washington. Springfield is sending their list.  At the state conference they just attended they handed out information. Do community colleges qualify?  Yes.  Next year will be in Columbia. The scholarship monies are for university scholarships only and cannot be used for conference fees. 
  • Stephanie is open to any ideas, this is new to her.

Professional Staff Council report- Mike Jeffries

  • Met last Thursday, Oct 8.  Great deal of the meeting centered around the health issue.  The professional staff council discussed the exercise program.  From that the discussion took place. Rick said he would like to see the Professional Staff Council & SSC to get together and come up with recommendations on cardiovascular health and come up with desired goals to improve the health and well-being of employees.  Publicity & Education through Human Resources.  Quite a bit of time was spent on that.
  • Board of Gov report – Wellness Center is going to come on board Nov 2010. Not now, have to go back and spend the $2 million saved and have increased the size which has of course pushed back the time.
  • Concern that the use of the new student wellness center so that other non-student university entities do not impact the students ability to use the center.
  • Question about the holiday party.  There has been some scheduling discussion.  Do we need to get with Professional Staff Council to finalize anything?  Needs to be some communication.
  • Just today discussion back and forth about the 60 minutes with the president.  Do we need to look at the questions that are going to be asked in light of the info that came out today?

Committee reports

  • Holiday Event Committee-Cindy Moore
  • Met, selected the menu.  Sodexho came back with an estimate which was then submitted to Rich Morell, VP for Student Affairs.  He agreed to pay from the value-added fund.
  • Will have fruit & veggie trays, hot chocolate
  • One thing we need to decide is what charity we will be contributing to.  Spoke to Holly Davenport, Rhonda Stangle, Charissa Davis, Joyce Huffman.  They are aware and are willing to promote for either all of us or just to professional staff.  Promotion is left up to Cindy.   Whatever she decides is fine.
  • Would like input on the charity.  Would we like to do Survival or Food Pantry?  This is the time of year where the food pantry is hit very hard.  Suggested we pick a name off the tree.  That date would be too late for Angel Tree.  That doesn’t mean we couldn’t adopt a family through other means.  There are students on campus that are in need.  We could turn it a bit more internal as well.  Professional staff and Support Staff hold a competition strictly for bragging rights at the last community coffee.  Food pantry would be good for community students and families. 
  • Do we know who the students are?  A lot of our non-traditional students use the food pantry and angel tree. Our international students are often overlooked and do not know where to go.  Raise money to do a drive.  Could do a penny drive.  It’s a lot of fun.  Might be good for the community coffee.  
  • It’s not just international students; there are other students that stay here over break.  Tricia Boyd could give us more of an insight on the international students.  Could we contact housing to see who stays here on campus over break?  Space is going to be very limited for over break housing this year.  Stephanie will check with Patrick to see who is going to be staying on campus and have a need. 
  • Need something for the advertisement.  What charity do we want to do for the holiday party?  It is proposed to do the same organizations as last year as they may be counting on the same support from last year.  We did the mitten drive last year and were unable to do the food drive.  May be better to do a penny drive for the food pantry for perishable goods.  Always short on baby food and formula.  Cash is always good so they can purchase what they need. 
  • What does a penny drive consist of?  Big huge jugs all over the place.  Pennies add points, but bills detract. Good for competition.  Do we want the penny drive for the advertisement?  Yes, it will start on December 1 and will end on the day of the party.
  • Need to get with Professional Staff Council to hash out the rules.  If you have large jars, bring them in?  Committee can decide details (each office, one per building). 
  • For the community coffee, compete with Professional Staff Council with donations for food drive.  Send out ideas of donated items needed.  (December 4).
  • Report for SPRC- Barb Hicks
  • Met Oct 1 & 8.  Continuing discussions on budget issues. Barb sent info out.  Still talking about how to prepare for that.  Met last Thursday.  Passed a motion to recommend no across the board salary increases as long as CPI is not positive and no Mosers contribution.  If our out of pocket increases then they will be offset.  They are still going back and forth and discussing market pay.  The number of committee members and the variety has led to much discussion.  Minutes will be sent out later.  Discussion on whether or not to recommend a tuition increase.  Last year there was no sense in increasing tuition.  We don’t know what’s going to happen with tuition, revenues, or how everything is going to fall out.  Do not want to increase tuition solely for the purpose of UCM employees to get a raise.  That will not happen.  Meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month usually at 4:00.  Barb does make her voice heard for Support Staff.  The Hay Group reclassified SS and Professional Staff we were also to be kept at market level.  Making sure they know that we haven’t been getting this, so if we get money this should be addressed.  But it all depends on the state, stabilization funds and enrollment.

Support Staff drawing

  • Must be present to win
  • Cindy Merryfield – Mazzio lunch
  • Julia Kerr – pick a prize

Old Business

  • Reminder for meeting with the President
  • In light of the news received regarding the president’s contract being allowed to expire.  Do we still want to have that?  Conversation on Professional Staff side, are they talking about not having it.  Still on the plan, just do we want to change the tenor and flavor of questions?  Might be able to ask questions now that we wouldn’t have felt comfortable before.
  • You can send your questions if you are not comfortable or able to ask yourself. 
  • Is it beneficial for our time?  What are we going to gain from this?  Why are we doing this? 
  • Dr. Roberts – believes it is business as usual.  The purpose of those is to see what issues there are and the president will present these to the VPs.  There are still some issues that need to be discussed (preparing for the perfect storm).  How can we as support staff prepare for this?  He is crafting that agenda for how to address the budget issues that are approaching.  Golden opportunity to affect change quickly.

New business/issues- Council

  • Peggy gave away various sports passes that were donated from the Athletics Department. 


  • Next meeting:  November 10, 2009 @ 1:30 pm. in UN 23