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Next SSC Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 9:00 am in Union 219


Spring Support Staff Newsletter



Support Staff Council

President: Annette Charles
Vice President: Barb Hicks
Treasurer: Alice Dempsey
Secretary: Tina Walker


October 2012

Support Staff Council (SSC) Minutes
October 9, 2012 at 9 a.m. in Union 235

Attendees: Annette Charles, Brenda Dooley, Tina Walker, Nancy Gieselman, Ginny McTighe, Keondria McClish, Joyce Stephens, Beth Rutt, Eugene Stillman, Virdia Stevens, Judy Kenney, Kimberly Courtwright, Vicki Orcutt, Christina Ramos, Ardith Sampson, and Aubrey Frazier.

Annette Charles called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.  Each person introduced themselves and noted the area where they work. 

September minutes were presented for approval.  Ginny had one correction, Joyce moved to approve the minutes; Brenda seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Treasurer Report
Ginny McTighe, Treasurer, reported the SSC general funds account balance is $1987.04 which includes $517.68 for the Support Staff Award leaving a balance of $1469.16. The Education Award balance is $849.48 and the Support Staff Council Foundation balance is $2,372.29 which includes $218 for the Support Staff Award leaving a balance of $2154.29.  The total amount available for the Support Staff Award is $735.88.

Administration Liaison
Eugene Stillman sitting in for Dr. Sluder gave the following information:

  • There is not an update on state budgets at this time.
  • The tobacco free campus policy proposal if approved will be phased in over time.  Beth noted that it will go before the Board of Governors (BOG) in November.  The committee wanted it changed to tobacco free instead of smoke free which caused a few concerns with students that live in residence halls and apartments.  She agreed it would be phased in over two years.  She added that the Health Center has funding to help with smoking cessation.
  • Enrollment numbers were sent out breaking them down by departments.  Out of the four colleges, Education’s enrollment is down 0.7% and Health, Science, & Technologies is up the most with 4.7%.  He stated these statistics could be sent out if anyone would like to see them.  Brenda pointed out that the numbers in the enrollments reflect what is happening in the job market.

Professional Staff Council Report
Beth Rutt, Professional Staff Council (PSC) President, provided the following information:

  • Friday, October 19th is the Board of Governors meeting.  November will have a one day meeting only and the future meetings will be Thursdays, for committee meetings, and Fridays for the actual meeting.
  • Professional Staff and Support Staff Councils are still working together on the coat/boot drive.  Beth has a few items turned in but not a lot.  Donations are still being accepted.  There will be collection boxes at the Flu Clinic on Wednesday, October 10th.  First choice of items will be available to UCM staff and faculty and then opened up to the public. They will be charging twenty-five cents to a dollar for items. This is in place so that personal self-worth of individuals won’t be degraded.  The joint committee for the coat drive will be meeting at 10:30 today.  All items left after the drive will be donated to Johnson county schools.
  • PSC will have their meeting this Thursday.
  • This is Homecoming week so lots of activities are going on.  Blood drive is today and tomorrow, Pep rally is at 4 p.m. on Friday at Multipurpose Building, everyone is welcome to attend.
  • October 19th is Help the Homeless day and they are expecting around 200 homeless to come in that day.  They will need 300 volunteers (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) to make this successful.  There will be six doctors, three dentists, mammogram certificates, clothing washed, and many other opportunities for the homeless.  Beth asked that we spread the word so all homeless people can come and receive the free benefits.  They will also be providing lunch.  The Student Recreational Center (lower level) will be closed that day.
  • The Student Experience and Engagement office has been seeing more students in need of basic essentials. It had three students last week. Please have students seek out help from Student Engagement. 

Committee Reports

  • Ardith Sampson, Parking Services, stated the parking committee met on September 26th and here are the items discussed:
  • The parking lot located at the Start-up Center has been changed from M lot status to free parking status.
  • Maternity parking spaces were discussed and it was determined that pregnancy is not compromised by walking so there will be no maternity spots placed.  If the pregnancy requires a closer parking spot they can go through the handicap procedures to get a tag.
  • Parking around the Achauer House was discussed and changes will occur in the future but not at this time.
  • Scooters less than 50cc just need a bike sticker, but they cannot park in the bike rack areas, they must park in the motorcycle spots.
  • Communication Disorders clients may use service vehicle spots by the Union for brief loading and unloading only. Ticket writers and officers have been instructed not to give tickets to vehicles with Communication Disorder tags. 
  • Brenda provided an update from Faculty Senate which has met September 12th and October 3rd.  
  • The university received a grant to introduce an Innovative Campus project.  This is a state and privately funded program designed to bring 190 high school students who have taken courses and allow them to graduate with an AAS degree.  Then they would come to UCM and finish their bachelor’s degrees.  Hoping this would keep the retention rate of these students at 90% or higher.  There would be seventeen local high schools participating in this project.
  • Dr. Grigsby has helped in the development of a New Faculty Orientation program.  This program is designed to help the new faculty get consistent mentoring and not leave them hanging with unanswered questions.  This continues for the entire year.
  • Annette announced that there is a final list of members who are serving on all the different committees.  She will have the list posted on the web site soon.  She would also like to ask that members who have been on a committee for a long time consider allowing new Support Staff members the opportunity to volunteer for a committee. 

Old Business

  • Vicki explained that the task force for reviewing the Emeriti Faculty and Professional Staff Dinner has drafted a proposal.  The proposal asks that item D1 in the BOG Policy 2.1.070 be added to section A as item 8.  Basically the request is for Support Staff to have an invitation to the annual event honoring retirees, at which newly retired persons are presented scrolls signed by the BOG.  They would like to see this become effective at the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year.  If anyone has any suggested revisions for the proposal please let Vicki know.  Ginny asked that the opening name be change to “Support Staff Council” and number two insert “retiring” between all and staff.  Vicki Orcutt will make the changes, a vote will occur at the November meeting and then it will be taken to the BOG.

New Business

  • Aubrey Frazier announced that this will be the second year for the Big Pink Volleyball Tournament.  This tournament raises money for breast cancer.  Last year $2,071 was raised from the volleyball tournament (31 teams) and t-shirt sales (131 shirts).   This year the t-shirt sales are already at 300 sold.  In addition, they are having a campus wide “Dress Down Pink” day on October 17, 2012.  Anyone wanting to participate can donate $5 and dress down that day.  There are also buttons for sale and she asked that Office Professionals help with the distribution of them.  T-shirts cost $10 and can still be ordered by contacting her or at the tournament.  The Big Pink Volleyball has a Facebook page and on the UCM website.

Other Business

  • Vicki stated the 30th Annual Show Me Justice event will be October 17-20th in Hendricks Hall.
  • Vicki noted for future events; April 9th the music students will be performing at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in KC.  It will be free admission, but you will have to have a ticket.  Beth added they are trying to get transportation set up for students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Ginny mentioned that there are two surveys available to staff on UCM Daily, one for Sodexo and the other is about Professional Development.  

The next meeting will be November 13, 9 a.m. in Union 235.

Annette moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 a.m.  

Respectfully submitted by Tina Walker, SSC Secretary

Approved November 13, 2012