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Green Resident
UCM Recycling 101
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Sustainability: What Can I do?

1. Make a Personal Commitment:


Make a personal commitment to Go Green in at least one area.


2. Go Green by Making Small Changes:


  • Use reusable shopping bags

  • Recycle old class notes

  • Turn off the light when you exit the room

  • Take shorter showers

  • Unplug electronics when they are not being used

  • Take cell phone off the charger when the charge is complete

  • Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot water

  • Turn off computer completely at night

  • Repurpose something (Think Pinterest!)

  • Donate and Shop at Thrift Stores


3. Volunteer:


Volunteer your time or money to help your community go green and save some green. If you are looking for a place to get plugged in, contact Hunter Hoyer or the UCM Office of Sustainability.


Hunter Hoyer, Sustainability Coordinator
Connect with Sustainability:
In Person: Adminstration Building 213B
Via Email:
By Phone: 660.543.8733