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Green Resident
UCM Recycling 101

Sustainability: Re-Cycles



What is Re-Cycles?

   A FREE bike rental program through UCM and the Office of Sustainability. Bikes are rented for up to two weeks.


What do you get?






How do I rent a bike?

Please go to the Student Recreation Wellness Center front desks with your Student ID.


Why should I use Re-Cycles?

   Students are encouraged to ride bikes instead of driving, not only for their health, but for the health of the environment. With Re-Cycles, students are able to ride around campus, downtown for lunch, or any other errands they may have.


When are bikes available?

  Bike availability will begin at our Launch Event on October 9th.


To find out if bikes are available, contact:

Wellness Center: 660-543-8643

Library: 660-543-4283