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In this Issue

A Good Lesson

Five University of Central Missouri students traveled thousands of miles to learn - one step at a time. More...

A Word from the President

New Lights Symbolize Renewed Energy Action More...

Destination: Success

Directions: Take the Bridge

No Easy Cure

Prognosis Complex for Nursing Shortage More...

2008 Distinguished International Alumnus

A Global Example

Asenath J. Sigot

Education knows no boundaries for Asenath J. Sigot. In the 1970s, she traveled halfway across the globe to get a college education. After earning two degrees from Central Missouri, she is sharing what she's learned with others in her home country of Kenya and throughout the world. More...

2008 Distinguished Alumnus

Big Sound Hometown

Michael Quimby

In big, bold letters, a web announcement for The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City heralds an event symbolizing progress made since a fire swept through an unfinished section of this historic building nearly seven years ago: "Beginning Sunday, November 30, 2008, the Great Organ will again be heard, the legendary Bernini and Mortlake tapestries will be viewable, and the Rose Window will sparkle." More...