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Undergraduate Minor

Religious Studies


The Center for Religious Studies welcomes you to one of the most fascinating studies on earth. In fact, by studying the religions of the earth, you will most certainly become a “citizen of the world.” Religion permeates our lives. Our classes help students to intelligently evaluate the influence and power of religion within the culture of the world, even our own!

Why Study Religion?

One of the questions that is asked by students is, “Why study other religions?” The national report on Religion in the Curriculum answers the question by saying, “To be thoughtful citizens, to vote intelligently, to relate constructively to one another in schools and colleges, students need to understand as much as possible about the diverse religions in which they live.”

Requirements for the Minor or Individualized Major

Obtain your minor completely online by successfully passing 21 hours or 7 courses in Religious Studies. An individualized major must design a program of study with the Director of Religious Studies. More information is available at

Program Requirements

REL 1130 The Bible as Literature 3
REL 1140 Ancient Israel & Judaism 3
REL 1510 Exploring Religions 3
REL 2110 Global Images of Jesus 3
REL 2210 Religions in America 3
REL 2220 New Religions 3
REL 2310 World Views & Values 3
REL 2410 Religions of Africa 3
REL 2510 Gender & Religions 3 REL 3210 Comparative World Religions 3
REL 3220 Christianity 3
REL 3230 Islam Yesterday & Today 3
REL 3240 Native American Religions 3
REL 3250 Shiva & Indian Religions 3
REL 3260 Zen & Other Buddhist Sects 3
REL 3900 Special Projects in Religion 3
REL 4410 Modern Religious Thought 3
REL 4520 Legal Issues & Religions 3
REL 4900 Special Topics: Religion & Work 3
Must include at least one upper-level (3000/4000) course to meet graduation requirements.

Substitutions for Religious Studies Classes
(Additional courses may be substituted with permission of the Director)
ART 1815 Art History Survey I 3
ART 1825 Art History Survey II 3
PHIL 3710 Philosophy of Religion 3
SOC 4885 Sociology of Religion 3
THEA 4400 Literature & History of Theatre I 3
THEA 4420 Literature & History of Theatre II 3

Questions About the Program

Dr. Catherine Burris

Program Coordinator



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