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Success Workshop

The Success Workshop involves four days filled with a host of student services workshops, student development seminars, learning strategies classes, and team building activities.  Students speak highly of this opportunity. Many feel more relaxed and motivated about beginning their first semester of college following the Success Workshop. This is required for students in the Success Program.

Student Quotes:

"I thought everything was covered and in a friendly and fun environment."

"I think it is important to find your bearings before school starts and this helped."

"You meet a lot of people and you knew where things were on campus so that way you didn't feel like you were lost."

"I think it went smooth, a lot different from high school so that was a change, a good change."

"The week is good. It helped with the gateway."

Cost of Success Workshop (Approximate)

Meals $80.00

Housing - free to students living on campus during fall semester.

Students who plan to commute during the fall semester are encouraged to live on campus during the Success week. The cost is $10.00 per day.