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House Party Guide

Alcohol and Sexual Assault

As a party host, you should understand the link between alcohol and sexual assault.  Things to know:

  • People who have had too much to drink are not in a state of mind to obtain or grant consent for sexual activity.  In fact, in the state of Missouri a person who is incapacitated due to alcohol may not be able to legally grant consent. 

  • Do not assume that just because the two people know each other that the situation is truly consensual. Most sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows, and in fact many sexual assaults are premeditated.  The perpetrator stakes out their target, feeds him/her drinks, and when the person is drunk, commits the assault.

  • Your best bet as a host—close off the bedrooms or other areas where sexual encounters are likely to occur.  If you see a situation that looks questionable, step in to make sure both parties are consenting and sober enough to make this decision.  If not, you can say something like, “hey, I can tell you really like this guy (or girl).  How about I get their number for you so you can call him/her tomorrow after you’ve had a chance to sleep?”, and then gently redirect the person to his/her safe ride home.  You may save someone from committing or being a victim of sexual assault. 

Please note:  we are not lawyers and this guide should not be taken as legal advice. 

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