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Woman Scholar

Center for Women's and Gender Studies

Wood Building, Room 110
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4896
Email: Dr. Karen Bradley, Director

Course Descriptions

Required Courses

WS 1050 Introduction to Women's Studies (3)
Provides an overview of the interdisciplinary nature of the women's studies program.  Focuses upon social, psychological, economic, political, cultural, religious, and historical aspects of women's roles in the United States.  (Fall and Spring)

WS 2000 Race, Class, and Gender (3)  (General Education option)
An exploration of the interrelations among gender, class, and race historically and cross culturally.  These interrelations will be explored using a multidisciplinary approach and a variety of kinds of materials, including ethnography, literature, life histories, and law.  (Fall and Spring)

WS 4910 Special Projects in Women's Studies (3)

Extensive reading and discussion of selected topics to integrate the various courses in the women's studies program.  Prerequisite:  15 semester hours in the minor, including WS 1050. 


AE 1450 Valuing Differences: Discovering Common Ground (1)  Explores personal, experiential, and interactive issues relating to race, gender, class, and culture, including ways that culturally diverse populations enrich society through differences and similarities.

ANTH 4820 Anthropology of Gender (3) 
Explores cultural factors influencing roles of women and men in a variety of cultures, from small foraging bands to large industrialized states.  Topics include cultural influences on sexual equality, sexual hierarchy, heterosexuality, and homosexuality.

CFD 1010 Individual and Family Relationships (3)
Focus on family relationships and personal development including topics of self-esteem, informed decision making, gender roles, love and mate selection, stress and crisis management, communication and conflict, resolution, domestic violence, sexuality, parenting and human diversity.

CJ 4403  Sexual Assault & The Criminal Justice System (3)
In-depth study of sexual assault and sex offenders.  Investigation into the motivation of sex offenders, the victim's responses to assault, and investigative procedures.

COMM 4285 Women and Minorities in the Media (3)
The study of women and minorities, their contributions and images, in a variety of media.  Prerequisite: COMM 1200 or COMM 3010 or consent of instructor.

COMM 4335 Gender Communication (3)
Gender as it influences communication processes in intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public and mediated contexts.  Prerequisite: COMM 3010 or consent of instructor.  

ENGL 2270 Fiction by Women Around The World (3)
Novels and short stories by women around the globe.

ENGL 4560 British Women Writers (3)
Study of major works by British women writers, with an introduction to feminist criticism. 

ENGL 4660 Women Writers of the United States (3)
The student will broaden his or her knowledge and appreciation of women's concerns, talents, and contributions to culture in the literary world.  Major and minor United Stated women writers' works will be reviewed and their place in traditional literary eras and in the expanding canon will be discussed. 

HIST 4310 Women in America (3)
Women in America from colonial times to the present with emphasis upon the 19th century feminist movement and the recent 20th century women's rights movement. 

HIST 4327 African American Women, Gender, and Girlhood (3)  
This course focuses on the history and development of black women and girls from their African origins to the present.

HIST 4419 Women in Modern Europe (3)

Survey of the history of European women's oppression and agency from the Renaissance to the present.

NUR 2020 Health: The Women's Perspective (2)
An introduction to the physiological, psychosocial, and economic factors that historically have impacted upon the health of women from selected cultural backgrounds with emphasis upon major health care issues currently affecting women.  Open to nursing and non-nursing majors.

NUR 4030 Human Sexuality (2)
Current theory regarding the biological, cultural, and behavioral parameters of human sexuality.  Open to nursing and non-nursing majors.

PSY 4320 Psychology of Women (2)
An overview of the theories of personality as applied to women, biological determinants of feminine behavior, the dynamics of sex-role development , and the psychological implications of traditional versus modern roles for women.

REL 2510 Gender and Religions (3)
Studies in how major world religions view the social responsibilities, activities, and relationships of males and females.

SOC 4855  Sociology of Gender (3)
Explores impact of gender stratification and roles on the attitudes and behavior of women  and men, gender and social institutions, theories of gender, and sexuality.  Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of sociology, graduate standing, or consent of instructor.

SOC 4865 Family Diversity (3)
Focus on the institutional implications of the family.  Diversity in ethnicity, sexuality, and class are emphasized.  Intersection of work and family is explored.  Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of sociology, graduate standing, or consent of instructor.