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Extended Studies Special Projects Variable

Academic Policies and Procedures


Extended Studies Special Projects Variable

Date of Current Revision:  September 2016             

Primary Responsible Officer: Vice Provost of Extended Campus


Extended Studies Special Projects Variable


The UCM fee schedule is located in Student Financial Services


However, under certain conditions, it may be possible to request a tuition rate other than the UCM base tuition. This process involves specific procedures and fee codes which are outlined in Extended Studies Operating Procedures.

Special Projects where variable contract rates may apply include:


1. Faculty and/or department is/are trying to promote a new class/program that would assist the University in fulfilling its mission.

2. The expenses associated with presenting the class/ program are being paid from an outside source, i.e. grants, contracts or other third-party payments.

3. Instances of courses/programs that are part of a consortial arrangement with other institutions.


As part of the procedure, a request must be made to Extended Studies detailing why the specialized course or program may qualify for a variable contract rate to include information such as anticipated class size, proposed dates of the offering and expenses, curriculum delivery arrangement and any other information that would help in determining qualification for and the amount of contract rate requested.


Further assistance should be obtained by contacting Extended Studies.


Revision History:

Approved November 2002.

Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Revised by Extended Studies to reflect current practice. Approved September 2016.

Previously annotated as II.F.3 Extended Studies Special Projects Variable. Renamed Extended Studies Special Projects Variable for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check, and transitioned into policy library April 2017