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Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Writing Center Coordinator, Davie DavisDavie Davis serves as coordinator of the Writing Center. As an undergraduate (long ago), Davis worked as a continuity and news writer for a network-affiliated radio station. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in library science, she worked in both school and public libraries. On the college level, Davis taught courses in developmental writing and freshman English before joining the staff of the Writing Center. Davis enjoys learning about Jungian literary criticism, an interest which has resulted in several presentations and published articles. For seven years, she also served as co-editor of the newsletter of the Midwest Regional Association for Developmental Education, writing many articles and editorials for that publication.  She has also been a fourth-place winner of the Townsend Press National Writing Contest for Teachers of Developmental Writing and Reading. She currently serves as the chair of the Academic Enrichment department as well.



Writing Center Instructor, Tony ShafferWriter, teacher, poet, fly fisherman, musician, Tony Shaffer is an instructor in the UCM Writing Center. He stays busy with each area of interest.

Writing: Currently writing poetry and a book on modern mythology, along with short stories and a novel.
Teaching: Instruction in the Writing Center at University of Central Missouri.Taught various courses for State Fair Community College (Whiteman Air Force Base Facility), including Composition I & II, Intro to Literature, Intro to Writing, American Literature, World Masterpieces, and others.
Poetry: Longest poem to date is a 366-page long pome (yes, the spelling is intentional), published as a master’s thesis, The Spring Branch. The poem is about, naturally, fly fishing, life, a good dog, and form. Published commercially by Sweetgum Press, March 1,  2004.
Fly Fishing: As a way to view life, fly fishing is about form and reflection. Besides living in the West and fishing many waters in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana, Shaffer fishes extensively in Missouri, preferring Bennett Spring State Park and the North Fork of the White River for both rainbow and brown trout. This doesn't, however, rule out bluegill and bass, which are as much fun as trout, in a different way, so Pertle Springs is a nearby favorite.
Music: Shaffer has been a performing musician for many years, primarily playing guitars (six-string, bass, steel) and keyboard, doubling on other instruments, primarily playing R&B, blues, and country music. He has traveled throughout the US and Canada with various artists, also performing on several tours of Europe and one tour of Australia. Besides recording with a number of performers as a studio musician, Shaffer has recorded two independently produced CDs, Retrospect and Blue Man with Guitar.