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Agriculture Program

Grinstead Building, Room 126
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4240
Email: Dr. Fanson Kidwaro, Chair


Course Descriptions

The following are course descriptions that offer in the Agriculture program.
Agricultural Business and Economics
Agricultural Mechanization
Animal Science
Professional and Agriculture Education
Integrative Studies Capstone


AGRI 1000 Exploratory Problems in Agriculture (1-3 hours)
Individual or group work on introductory level technical problems in agriculture. Provide exploration of content not available through normal course offerings. Prerequisite: departmental consent.

AGRI 2010 Computer Applications for Agriculturalists (3 hours)
Understanding and using computers to define, analyze, and solve agricultural problems. Topics include descriptive statistics, farm budgets, decision models, information retrieval and agri-marketing techniques. Requirements include a lab.

AGRI 4000 Special Projects in Agriculture (1-6 hours)
Investigation of contemporary problems and issues in agriculture by selected individuals or groups. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 semester hours.

AGRI 5000 Advanced Readings in Agriculture (1-3 hours)
Advanced readings in the student’s field of interest or related areas. Prerequisites: consent of instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

Agricultural Business and Economics

AGRI 1100 Introduction to Agriculture (1 hour)
Orientation to the philosophy, development and current trends in the professional preparation for careers in agriculture. Prerequisite: must be taken during the first year of the agriculture program.

AGRI 2110 Agricultural Records (3 hours)
Fundamental principles and practices of record buyers as applied to the organization and operation of agricultural enterprises. (Not currently offered)

AGRI 2120 Agricultural Cooperatives (1 hour)
Environment, organization, and business function of modern agricultural cooperatives. Prerequisite: ECON 1011. (Not currently offered)

AGRI 2130 Global Agriculture (3 hours)
Interaction of culture and farming/food systems worldwide emphasizing the interaction of cultures with agricultural production/food systems and the influence this has on social, economic, governmental, and environmental factors.

AGRI 3110 Agri-Business Management (3 hours)
Management functions and economics of agricultural organizations and operations, including input-output analysis, efficient allocations of resources, enterprise combinations, and budgeting analysis. Prerequisite: ECON 1011; AGRI 2010 or concurrently; and MATH 1111 or concurrently.

AGRI 3120 Distribution and Marketing Agriculture Products (3 hours)
Principles governing the distribution, prices, and marketing of agriculture products. Prerequisite: ECON 1011.

AGRI 3140 Agricultural Analysis and Statistics (3 hours)
Statistical analysis and experimental designs as applied to agriculture. Prerequisite: MATH 1111 and AGRI 2010.

AGRI 4110 Agricultural Futures Trading (3 hours)
Examination of techniques used in pricing products in the agricultural commodities futures market. Emphasis on futures trading as a marketing tool with some consideration of alternative speculating techniques. Prerequisites: AGRI 2010 and AGRI 3120.

AGRI 4120 International Agriculture (3 hours)
Economic, cultural, governmental and environmental factors which influence agricultural production and trade among countries. Prerequisites: AGRI 2130 and AGRI 3120.

AGRI 4140 Agricultural Policy (3 hours)
History, principles, settings, objectives, and methods of policy development as applied to agriculture in our society. Prerequisite: AGRI 3110 and AGRI 3120.

AGRI 4150 Natural Resource Economics for Agriculture (3 hours)
Nature of natural resources; economic efficiency as basis for natural resource use; externalities in natural resource use; factors influencing environmental quality; alternate public policy tools for influencing natural resource use. Prerequisite: ECON 3030.

AGRI 5120 Agriculture in Developing Countries (3 hours)
Examination of agricultural and rural development issues in less developed countries. Alternative agricultural production systems are compared, development theories are examined, and consideration is given to the planning and implementation of development programs. Prerequisites: ECON 1010, AGRI 3110, and AGRI 3120. (Not currently offered)

AGRI 5160 Statistical Analysis of Agriculture (3 hours)
The role of statistics in agriculture research. Statistical concepts include randomized complete blocks, factorials, latin squares, split-plot designs, time series, discriminant analysis, and various multiple regression analyses techniques. Prerequisite: AGRI 3140. (Not currently offered)

Agricultural Mechanization

AGRI 1200 Agriculture Mechanics (3 hours)
Selection and use of hand and power tools for the farm shop. Basic processes and procedures in hot metal work and elements of woodworking used in the repair and maintenance of the farm Requirements include a lab.

AGRI 3200 Farm Power and Machinery (3 hours)
Mechanical work on the farm, including selection, cost, and care of farm machinery. Includes laboratory practices on tractors, gas engines, plows, mowers, and other farm machinery.

AGRI 3210 Soil and Water Management (3 hours)
Soil and water conservation. Use of farm level, laying out and establishing terraces, waterways, diversion channels, and farm ponds. Prerequisite: AGRI 2330.

AGRI 4200 Advanced Agriculture Mechanics (3 hours)
Application of shop principles to the design and construction of farm mechanical projects. Prerequisite: AGRI 1200.


AGRI 1300 Introductory Plant Science (1 hour)
An introduction to plant science with emphasis on the structure/function relationships of anatomy, morphology, and physiology of horticultural and agronomic crops. Requirements include a lab.

AGRI 1310 Agronomy I: Row Crops (2 hours)
Principles and practices in cereal crop production. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: AGRI 1300.

AGRI 2315 Agronomy II: Forages (2 hours)
Principles and practices of forage crop production. Prerequisite: AGRI 1300.

AGRI 2330 Introduction to Soil Science (3 hours)
Chemical and physical properties of soils. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: CHEM 1104.

AGRI 2331 Soils (3 hours)
Emphasis on soil formation, classification, and fertility. Prerequisite: AGRI 2330.

AGRI 3320 Field Crop Management (3 hours)
Management of crops, crop rotation, and crop utilization. Prerequisites: AGRI 1310 or AGRI 2315, and AGRI 2330. (Not currently offered)

AGRI 4300 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers (3 hours)
Theory and practice of utilizing agricultural fertilizers to maximize soil productivity. Prerequisite: AGRI 2330.

AGRI 4310 Plant Improvement (3 hours)
The principles and practices involved in the selection and breeding of farm crops. Prerequisite: AGRI 1600 and AGRI 1300 or 2315.

AGRI 4320 Agricultural Plant Diseases (3 hours)
Agricultural plant diseases with emphasis on recognition and control. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisites: AGRI 1600, and AGRI 1310 or AGRI 2315.

AGRI 4330 Soils Management (3 hours)
Principles of soils management as applied to physical improvement and fertility maintenance of soils. Prerequisite: AGRI 2330. (Not currently offered)

AGRI 4340 Agricultural Sprays and Chemicals (3 hours)
Types of agricultural chemicals and their application in control of insects, parasites, and weeds. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisites: AGRI 2330 and AGRI 1310 or AGRI 2315.

AGRI 5310 Pasture Management (3 hours)
Maintenance and uses of grasses and legumes for pastures. Prerequisites: AGRI 2330 and AGRI 2315. (Not currently offered)

Animal Science

AGRI 1420 Animal Husbandry (3 hours)
A comprehensive view of the industry and the science of biology as utilized in modern livestock management.

AGRI 2425 Livestock Evaluation (3 hours)
An advanced study of livestock evaluation with emphasis in selection of breeding and market animals. The evaluation of beef cattle, dairy cattle, and swine will be emphasized. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: AGRI 1420.

AGRI 3410 Animal Breeding (3 hours)
Breeding methods and principles of animal reproduction in the improvement of livestock. Prerequisite: AGRI 1420 or AGRI 1510.

AGRI 3415 Meat Science (3 hours)
Principles of meat processing, inspection, grading, sanitation, preservation, and storage with an overview of muscle composition, structure, function, and nutritive value.

AGRI 3420 Animal Nutrition (3 hours)
Basic principles of animal nutrition--including classification and composition of feedstuffs, factors that affect feed utilization by animals, feed formulation and a study of the basic nutrients and their use in the body.

AGRI 4410 General Veterinary Science (3 hours)
Anatomy, physiology, disease control, parasitic control, and sanitation of farm animals.

AGRI 4415 Reproduction of Farm Animals (3 hours)
Reproductive physiology of farm animals with practice in evaluation of semen, artificial insemination, and methods of pregnancy diagnosis. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisites: AGRI 1420 and AGRI 3410.

AGRI 4430 Animal Science: Beef (3 hours)
Systems of beef production. Includes breeding, feeding, and management of commercial and purebred beef. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: AGRI 1420.

AGRI 4435 Animal Science: Pork (3 hours)
Systems of pork production. Includes breeding, feeding, and management of commercial and purebred swine. Prerequisite: AGRI 1420.

AGRI 5410 Advanced Animal Breeding (3 hours)
An in-depth study of methods of livestock selection utilizing genetic variation. Prerequisite: AGRI 3410. (Not currently offered)


AGRI 1600 Introductory Horticulture Science (3 hours)
A general survey dealing with the home garden and orchard; principles of landscape art and plant propagation. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: AGRI 1300. An additional fee is associated with this course.

AGRI 1610 Establishment and Care of Greenhouse Plants (3 hours)
Identifying, establishing, maintaining, harvesting and displaying greenhouse plants. Requirements include a lab.

AGRI 3610 Agricultural Insect Control (3 hours)
Insect control with emphasis on recognition of destructive forms, general principles of insect habits and classification. Requirements include a lab.

AGRI 3620 Residential Landscape Design (3 hours)
Theory and practice of landscaping the home, farmstead, and small properties, including elementary design, soil preparation, selection of plant material, and cultural practices. Requirements include a lab.

AGRI 3640 Horticultural Propagation Materials (3 hours)
Includes materials, types of plants, structure of plants, and methods used in propagation. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: AGRI 1600.

AGRI 4600 Horticultural Plants I: Woody (3 hours)
Identification, description, adaptation, and classification of horticultural species. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisite: BIOL 1112.

AGRI 4605 Horticultural Plants II: Herbaceous (3 hours)
Identification, description, adaptation, classification, cultural characteristics, and best use of herbaceous horticultural plants. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisites: AGRI 1300, AGRI 1600, and AGRI 1610

AGRI 4610 Turfgrasses (3 hours)
Selection, identification, establishment and maintenance of turf grasses. Requirements include a lab. Prerequisites: BIOL 1112, AGRI 1600 and AGRI 2330.

Professional and Agriculture Education

AGRI 3810 Internship in Agriculture (1-3 hours)
Provides experiences for students in cooperating agricultural businesses, agencies and other organizations. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 semester hours. Prerequisite: consent.

AGRI 4800 Topics in Agriculture (1-3 hours)
Individual investigation of a special problem in agriculture in the student's major field not available under regular classes. May be accomplished by reports, surveys, discussions, bibliographies, experiments, and library research. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 semester hours. Prerequisite: consent.

AGRI 4820 Agricultural Safety (3 hours)
The history of and need for agricultural safety, operating guidelines for machines, and chemical handling and application. A review of occupational health laws and how they relate to the agricultural workforce. Prerequisites: must be of Junior standing and have completed AGRI 1200 or AGRI 3200.

AGRI 5800 Research Problems in Agriculture (1-3 hours)
Meets individual student needs for additional experience in selected areas of agriculture research. Requires the completion of an original research project, presentation of the results in a public forum, and the completion of a formal, bound research paper. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. Prerequisites: AGRI 5160 and T&OE 5130.

AGRI 5830 Seminar in Modern Agricultural Research (1-3 hours)
A critical analysis of current research in agriculture allowing for independent study, oral reporting, personal interpretation, and defense of interpretation. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. Prerequisite: AGRI 5160 and T&OE 5130. (Not currently offered)

AGRI 5850 Research and Thesis (2-4 hours)
Designed to give experience in executing research and analyzing agricultural data. Required for collecting data to complete a thesis. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. Prerequisites: AGRI 5160 and T&OE 5130.

AGRI 4900 Planning and Conduction Programs in Agricultural EDUCATION (3 hours)
Development and organization of vocational Agriculture Program at the secondary level to meet the needs of local schools and community.

AGRI 4910 Agricultural Occupations Experience Programs (2 hours)
Understandings and competencies required to establish, administer, and evaluate supervised agricultural occupational experience programs. Prerequisite: AGRI 4900.

AGRI 4920 Agricultural Mechanics in Vocational Agriculture (2 hours)
The selection and organization of teaching materials; planning shop facilities and selection of equipment, hand tools, and shop supplies essential in establishing and teaching the agricultural mechanics program. Prerequisite: AGRI 4900.

AGRI 4930 Methods of Teaching Vocational Agriculture (2 hours)Prerequisites: admission to the Teacher Education Program; double majors must take a methods course for each major; methods should be taken concurrently with Agri 4940 during the Professional semester.

AGRI 4940 Secondary Field Experience II (1 hour)
Experiences in the secondary school classroom that provide the teacher candidate more advanced involvement in the teaching-learning process. Prerequisites: admission to Teacher Education Program; should be taken concurrently with Agri 4930 during the Professional semester.

AGRI 5920 Introduction to Teaching Year I
This course is for the professional development of first-year agriculture teachers. Focus is placed on knowledge and skills needed by a beginning teacher. Prerequisites: consent of the Instructor.

AGRI 5930 Introduction to Teaching Year II
This course is for the professional development of second-year agriculture teachers. Focus is placed on knowledge and skills needed by a beginnning teacher. Prerequisites: consent of the Instructor.

Integrative Studies Capstone

ICAP 4101 Agricultural Capstone Experience (3 hours)
Integration of agricultural knowledge and problem solving skills using case studies in a seminar forum. Prerequisites: 24 semester hours of agriculture courses and senior standing.
*Not available for graduate credit.