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Red Marketing

Red Marketing

Meet the Red Marketing Team

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Campaign: SnapQuest


Launched in Fall 2014, SnapQuest was an interactive game students plays on campus using Snap Chat. Based off of a scavenger hunt, Red Marketing snapped pictures of locations on campus, and challenged UCM students to find them. The winning team received $100 to the UCM Store.





1. Educate students on legacy of historical locations

2. Encourage freshmen to get involved

3. Raise awareness of UCM Alumni Association to young generations



- 7 teams signed up

- 20 new followers on SnapChat

- Update: As of Nov. 1, UCM_Alum has 101 followers

SnapQuest Location.jpg

Students learn about the history of Audrey J. Walton Stadium


Snap from student during SnapQuest




Snap from student during SnapQuest


SnapQuest Winners.PNG

Winning team of Snap Quest


Campaign: #NoMissingPieces



1. Promote UCM Alumni & Friends digitally

2. Connect and interact with a large student and alumni base in a quick, cost effective manner

3. Engage students in a unique way on Student Engagement & Philanthropy Day



1. Display information about philanthropy and the Foundation on National Student Engagement & Philanthropy Day, in the Elliott Student Union and Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Give prizes to students who interacted with the alumni Twitter handle

2. Create personalized videos of students thanking donors for gifts

3. Encourage students to tweet why they were thankful of donors with the hash tag, NoMissingPieces



- Mackenzie's Story

- Marcus' Story



By the end of February, Red Marketing increase Twitter followers to 288. By the end of March, the Twitter account had 424 followers.


Social Media

In may 2014, Red Marketing crated consistent social media accounts for the UCM Alumni Association.















Up to date social media account results:

Facebook: 6,850 likes (goal of 10,000 by Dec. 2014)

Twitter: 859 followers (goal of 1,000 by Dec. 2014)

Instagram: 242 followers (goal of 500 by Dec. 2014)

YouTube: 1,713 views (goal of 3,000 by Dec. 2014)

SnapChat: 101 friends (goal of 100 met before Dec. 2014)

LinkedIn: 3,980 (goal of 4,500 by Dec. 2014)



1. Increase alumni and campus interaction

2. Create consistent online presence of UCM Alumni Association

3. Create a place where alumni can connect with other alumni

4. Inform alumni about Mule Nation events



1. #FridayFavorite posts occur each Friday and recognize accomplished alumni, faculty member, emeritus or student

2. #UCMDA, each Homecoming Red Marketing involves the entire campus in welcoming the annual Distinguished Alumni. They created the hash tag, UCMDA in 2014 to involve others in sharing personal experiences.

3. Paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter

4. Promote upcoming Mule Nation events through Facebook



1. 111 interactions from #FridayFavorite


2. 55 interactions from #Friday Favorite


3. Check out the Storify board of complete listing of Tweet interaction during Homecoming week for UCMDA













Campaigns: 2013-2014