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2010 DA Baile

2010 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient — Clifton Baile

Klein, Baile, Ambrose
UCM Alumni Association President Becky Klein, left, and UCM President Charles Ambrose, right, congratulate 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Clifton Baile.


Clifton A. Baile’s career has involved 28 years in academia, including faculty positions at two Ivy League universities and 17 years in industry. His career curriculum vitae covers more than 36 pages in small type, including lectures, seminars and symposia throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Israel, Russia and Australia.

His achievements include more than 300 abstracts, 350 journal articles, 18 patents and $50 million in research and faculty grants. As the D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar of Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Georgia, Baile has leveraged a heightened understanding of transferring research results to industry. During his research at Harvard, Pennsylvania and Georgia universities, he focused on controls of food intake and obesity, specializing in biotechnology.

He helped found eight biotech companies and is the current CEO of InsectiGen, Inc. and AptoTec, Inc. His industrial experience includes titles of distinguished fellow and director of research and development for Monsanto, and manager of research for SmithKline and French.

Even though he has experienced life on many campuses during his career, his deepest ties are to UCM. His family also has deep roots in Warrensburg. The 1962 agriculture and business graduate practically grew up on Central Missouri’s campus, attending the lab school starting in first grade through College High. His two sisters, brother and numerous cousins graduated from College High. His wife of 50 years, Beth, attended UCM, completing two degrees at Missouri. His son, Christopher, graduated from UCM in 2000. His father, Harold F. Baile, graduated from College High in 1926. Baile owns a portion of the family farm just outside Warrensburg.