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New Alumni Advisor Network Impacts Students in Big Way

alumn advisor network

As alumni, you can all think back to a time at Central Missouri when someone truly made a difference in your life. Maybe it was a professor, an advisor, a coach or an alumnus. The UCM Alumni Advisor Network is a new mentoring program with the purpose of impacting students today through career advice, resume critiques and mock interviews to help foster student success.

The Advisor Network launched in January 2015, and soon after, the consultations between current students and alumni began to take place, making a difference, one student at a time. One of those consultations was between recent graduate and Charno Award winner, Aubrey Winn and alumnus Trisha Wells '92, '93. Winn found Wells when looking for someone with experience in higher education and student affairs. With Wells being a director of student affairs and business services at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, she was the perfect fit for Winn's resume critique.

The Advisor Network is an online portal in which students seeking advice and alumni seeking to be advisors can enter information about their education and careers. From there, students can search for alumni who have careers in the fields in which they are interested.

"The UCM Alumni Advisor Network was very easy to connect to and to figure out. It was a very positive experienc," said Winn. "I was not expecting much out of the experience because I was close to graduating and already had a job lined up; however, the experience was very helpful because Wells was able to give an outside perspective about my resume and what someone in higher education would be looking for," Winn said.

The feedback we have received from students regarding the network have been glowing; they all appreciated the experience and the willingness of alumni to help.

"One of the best parts about the experience was how genuinely happy and excited Trisha was to help me," said Winn. "She truly wanted to give me good feedback, and it showed."

When we began this journey of finding a way for alumni and current students to connect, we searched for a program that would allow convenience for alumni and leave an impact on students. Thus the UCM Alumni Advisor Network was born.

"Signing up to be an advisor was very simple. It took just a few minutes and was an intuitive process," said Wells. When Wells heard about the network she knew she needed to sign up. "I work in student affairs so it is a natural fit to enjoy talking with a student. I like staying connected to Central Missouri, and this was a great way to do so without having to take a long flight back to Missouri."

Not only was the experience a great one for Wells, communicating with Aubrey was easy; the two sent a few messages back and forth and found a mutually convenient time. With the conversation lasting around 20 minutes, Wells said the session was easy to fit into her lunch break.

With the resume critique process, students send their resume and cover letter in advance allowing the advisors to prepare comments. That is just what Wells did.

"I really enjoyed sharing my feedback and Aubrey asked thoughtful questions. I can't think of anything that could have been better about the experience."

We are extremely excited about the impact the network has the potential to have on students and alumni alike.

"I’ve always read that the Ivy League schools are worth the money because of the connections you can make. I’m certain we can build ties between working UCM alums and current students to make our degrees just as valuable in terms of the connections you make," said Wells.

Don’t delay! Help students get the experience and expertise they need. Take the call and become a UCM Alumni Advisor Network advisor!