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Flat Mo's Adventures — December 2012


MO wih Joy Ellen Collins '71 and Paula Deen in Savannah, Ga.
MO with Joy Ellen Collins '71 in Cocoa Beach, Fla.
MO wih Joy Ellen Collins '71 in Savannah, Ga.


MO in Houston, Texas, with Maj. Tim Hodges at the World War II Battleship Texas display.
MO in Campus Buerhing, Kuwait, with the 35th Combat Aviation Brigade of the Missouri National Guard. Back row, left to right: Maj. Joseph Toepke, Maj. Nicholas Miller, CWO5 Robert Murrell, Maj. Fin Carey. Middle row, left to right: Lt. Col Charles Hausman, SSG Henry "Bud" Knight, 1SG David Cox, SSG Katherine Ray, 1LT Eric Wilde, CWO4 Melvin Amick. Front row, left to right: Col. Mark McLemore (Commander), Maj. Tim Hodges, Sgt. Erica Lehmuth, Capt. Brian Hoelscher