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Navy V-12

The Navy V-12 Program was the largest Navy officer training program of World War II. It was established to accelerated officer training at American colleges and universities. The program was unique in that the men were officer candidates in an enlisted status while attending civilian schools under Navy contract.

Central Missouri’s Navy V-12 unit was established under the command of Lt. I. L. Peters. Some 1,000 officer candidates, assigned as apprentice seamen, received training at UCM from July 1, 1943to Oct. 31, 1945.A memorial to the Navy V-12’ers was dedicated on Oct. 18, 1997. It is located at the northeastcorner of Holden and Clark streets.

Members also fund an annual scholarship for students who plan to pursue military careers or whose parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters are associated with the military.

Contact the UCM Alumni Association for dates and details of the next Navy V-12 reunion.