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Faculty Profiles

Our faculty members bring real-world experience and professional insight into the classrooms of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Experiences in the field assist the faculty members in preparing students for their future careers. Continual research assures that they stay current in their field and supports the advancement of student learning.

Meet some of our exceptional faculty members and see some of what the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences has to offer.

Barbara Baker, communication
Barbara Baker enjoys teaching a wide diversity of courses so she can reach large numbers of students. She finds the students at UCM a pleasure to teach, often bright and creative. It's exhilarating for Baker to see her students gain comprehension of an idea or express themselves creatively. She's always glad to be part of that process, to see the light bulbs come on.... More »

Julie Mollenkamp, theatre
A veteran of more than 50 directing and acting projects, Mollenkamp enjoys working on productions that engage other academic disciplines and spark both personal and political resonances with the audience. She strives to provide students with a comprehensive experience involving intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual facets, which contribute to their personal, social and political development.... More »

Eric Honour, music
As a composer, audio engineer and performer, Eric Honour has vast knowledge and numerous experience to share with his students. He enjoys introducing his students to cutting-edge music technology theory, practices and equipment, but his favorite part of his job is listening to student projects. Honour is frequently amazed at what students are able to produce in the studios... More »