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Scott Dillon, technology education major Scott Dillon

Easy transition
My professors have always been extremely helpful, especially during my transfer from a community college. I had no idea what I was doing as far as transferring, and they made the process very easy. They go out of their way to help students with anything we need.

Becoming prepared
My professors have prepared me for my career by sharing real life stories and examples. The classroom observation opportunities I’ve had have been extremely beneficial and Career Services does an excellent job preparing students for the career of their choice.

Future educator
As a member of the Technology Education Collegiate Association, I was able to travel to the national conference of the International Technology Education Association. While at the ITEA national conference, I had the opportunity to meet technology educators from all over the country. This experience definitely had an impact on me as a future educator.   

School spirit
I enjoy attending athletic events and student activities offered on campus. I have an awesome time meeting new people, some who were from my hometown and I didn’t even know it.