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Michael Elliott, technology education majorMichael Elliott

International conferences
I really enjoy when our technology education club travels across America to participate in the International Technology Education Association Conference and the International Technology Education Collegiate Association Competition. We get to meet a lot of people, compete against other schools and have a lot of fun.

Working together
I can work with my advisor and other members of our department and be treated as an equal, not just a student. My relationships with my peers have also been awesome. We help each other out a lot and really work together to make something work.

Leadership roles
I’ve been president of our TECA chapter, president of the Martial Arts club and I operate the Laser Engraver for the TECA club. These leadership roles have helped me a lot with learning how to plan and organize events. I’ve met a lot of people and had a lot of fun over the past few years.

Easy choice
UCM has one of the best Technology Education programs in the country, so the choice to come here was pretty easy. I enjoy courses that have a lot of hands on design and being able to model our designs using three dimensional programs.