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Elizabeth Mueller, elementary education major Elizabeth Mueller

Exciting atmosphere
I had the opportunity to attend the David Cook concert on campus. I had amazing seats and the atmosphere was so supportive and exciting. David made the concert experience so personal. It was amazing.

Becoming a legacy
I have always wanted to attend UCM. My father attended school here, and when I visited I loved the campus. The teacher education program also attracted me to UCM. I became an active part of my education because of small class sizes.

Leadership role
I’ve truly enjoyed being the president of The Honors College Student Association. The executive board is made up of great people and the meetings and events are always a lot of fun. This position has allowed me to be actively involved in The Honors College, but does support me and my other endeavors.

Sports fan
I enjoy watching football games, and I had a great time attending the men's basketball games during postseason. Being part of the finals was an exciting time. I also enjoy watching the Royals and Chiefs play in Kansas City.