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Faculty Profile: Matt Thomas

Teaching field Matt Thomas

Ph.D., University of Missouri- Kansas City

Research interests
Content area literacy; reading maturity; transformational literacy; use of online discussion boards; and advancing the quality of teacher education.

A great privilege
My favorite thing about teaching at UCM is that I have the privilege of working with great students who want to make a difference as teachers. I appreciate the collegial atmosphere fostered by my peers and our administration and I very much enjoy getting to play a role in the long tradition of excellent teacher preparation that is a cornerstone of UCM history.

Calling in life
When you major in education you learn how to become a teacher. You have the opportunity to spend your days working with the wonder of learning and discovery while getting to care deeply about your students. What could be a better major and subsequent calling in life?

Aha moments
I particularly enjoy the ‘aha’ moments that are part of teaching and learning. These moments are things I see on students’ faces, as their eyes light up and I know they’ve gained something that will help them be a better teacher to their students. At those times I feel like perhaps I’ve made a difference. These moments of epiphany are the interactions that stand out each semester.

Learning from students
My students teach me many things: the importance of literacy in their lives, the challenges they face as college students, the satisfaction of their accomplishments, their passion for wanting to be excellent teachers and ideas about how best to get there. If we listen, our students can teach us a great many things.