Suggestions for Minimizing Blackboard Test Problems

*Special Note: If you have been disconnected from a test and need your test attempt reset, please contact your instructor.  UCM technology support staff cannot reset your test.  We can only help you with technical issues.

Before Taking the Test:

  • Do not take the test until ready.
  • Make sure you pass all the checks and meet the minimum version of the Java Plugin listed on the Browser Check Page
  • Check your browser options before the test to ensure that it is not set to disconnect after several minutes of inactivity.   The location of this setting depends on your browser.
  • If your computer and telephone share the same telephone line, unplug your telephone while taking the test.
  • If you have call waiting, be sure to disable it by dialing *70 before connecting to the Internet.  Insist that no one in your home pick up another phone while you are taking the test.  This can disconnect you.
  • Close down all other programs running on the computer.  Having multiple programs open may cause problems that result in loss of test data.
  • Spyware and other programs running in the background can interfere with taking tests.  You may need to detect and remove spyware from your personal computer.
  • Do not resize or refresh the screen after starting the test.  Make sure it is the size you want before going into the test.  Most browsers refresh the page when you resize the screen.  This means it will try to reload the test and may kick you out.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to take the test.  If something goes wrong there won't be enough time to resolve the issue.
  • Disable any pop-up blockers, or add * as an exception to pop-up blockers.  See the Browser Settings Guide for more information.
  • If a firewall is installed on a computer and/or network system, an error message may be generated informing you that your system was configured to deny access to the URL.  The solution is to take the test somewhere that doesn't have a firewall.
  • Wireless internet connections do not always maintain a "constant" connection.  Using a wireless connection or a mobile device can cause you to get disconnected from the test environment.  It is recommended that you use a wired internet connection.

During the Test:

  • When entering the test, click the link only once (do not double-click).  Sometimes it takes a while to load the test.  If you click twice, you will get a message saying you already took the test and will be prohibited from completing it.
  • Click SUBMIT or SAVE only once (do not double-click).  If your Internet connection is slow, you may think the test is not being sent.  Wait at least 2-5 minutes for a confirmation that your test was received.  The test must be sent, scored, and the results returned to you.
  • For best results, do not use the SAVE button next to each question.  Saving every question may result in an error saying some questions may not be answered.  For best results save periodically using the SAVE button next to SUBMIT at the bottom of the test window.
  • Do not use the BACK, FORWARD, HOME, or REFRESH buttons on your browser during the test.  Instead, use the internal navigation controls to move back to check earlier questions.
  • Do not close the window of the test for any reason.
  • Clicking the course outside the test area (for example, on the "Announcements", "Course Information", etc) will cause the system to prematurely "Submit" the test before the student is finished.
  • For tests that present one question at a time, students should click the NEXT button rather than hit Enter on the keyboard.  Also, avoid using scroll buttons on a mouse or keyboard.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions are case sensitive.  Your instructor will review these types of questions and manually award points accordingly.
  • Do not open a new browser window while taking the test, this could reload the test and may prohibit you from completing it.


Please check back often to get the latest information.