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Department of Career and Technology Education

Grinstead 120
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4452
Dr. Bart Washer, Chair


Master of Science in Career and Technical Education Leadership

Student Learning Outcomes — The graduate with a Master of Science degree in Career and Technical Education Leadership will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:


This program is designed to strengthen the preparation of persons to administer or teach, 1) career education (agriculture education, business education, family and consumer sciences education, health sciences education, marketing education, technology education, and trade and industrial education) inmiddle schools, high schools, career centers, or community colleges; 2) technical subjects in industry.

For specific admissions requirements, degree requirements, and course listings, please consult the Graduate Catalog. The MS in CTE can be pursued under one of three options:

Option 1
– CTE Teaching Leadership Option –

This option is designed for new teachers pursuing postbaccalaureate professional teacher certification (Plan A), previously certified instructors pursuing additional professional teaching skills (Plan B), or new occupational education teachers pursuing initial teacher certification through MoDESE. New teachers pursuing postbaccalaureate teacher certification must obtain a certification plan and take existing teacher certification courses identified by the UCM Director of Clinical and Field Services. New teachers pursuing post-baccalaureate teacher certification in CTE should create a program of study based on deficiencies listed on their professional teaching certificate. Students selecting Option 1 must select Plan A or Plan B below:


Option 2
– CTE Administration Leadership Option –

This option is designed for current or new CTE administrators pursuing administrator certification and should be pursued consistent with the candidate’s certification plan. This option may also be selected by candidates planning to pursue CTE administration in the future or for current CTE administrators pursuing additional leadership coursework:

Option 3
– CTE Industry Training Option –

This option is designed for CTE industry personnel who plan and/ or conduct training in their environment or who desire to become more effective leaders in their current positions. This option will be tailored to the candidate’s specific needs in any CTE-related field. The approved electives below are a sample listing of potential universitywide electives (department approval required).

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