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Frequently Asked Questions About "UCM Daily"

  1. How can I get my message to all faculty and staff?
    Instead of addressing an email to GWUSERS, direct your web browser to the "UCM Daily" website at Click the 'Submit News' button. You will be prompted to enter your network userid and password.
  2. Can I add attachments to my message?
    Yes, but only very small ones (up to 1MB). If you need to share a file that is larger than 1MB, post it on your university website. If you don't have the ability to do this, you can upload it to Google Docs and share the link in the message. When submitting news there is a box on the form for including your website URL or Google Doc link.
  3. Who can see my message?
    Anyone can view these messages, even people outside the University of Central Missouri.
  4. Who can submit news?
    UCM faculty and staff, by using their network user ID and password, can submit news. Your network user ID is the same one you use for logging into your computer.
  5. When will my message appear?
    The cutoff for the newsletter will be midnight. If you submit a message today (before midnight), it will appear in the UCM Daily news bulletin dated tomorrow. If you submit a message on Friday or through the weekend, it will appear in Monday's message. We are still working out details on how messages will be handled over holidays or longer breaks.
  6. What if I missed reading "UCM Daily" one day?
    Messages will be available in an archive of postings for 30 days.
  7. How will emergency or critical issue announcements be handled?
    Key university personnel will retain the ability to send email to all university faculty and staff. Messages of a critical nature may be sent directly by email rather than communicated through "UCM Daily."
  8. I forgot to post my message on the day before the event. Is there a way to have it included in "UCM Daily" anyway?
    No, please be sure to plan ahead so that your messages are posted in a timely manner.