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UCM Daily - Tuesday, November 21

From The President

President's Memorandum Outlines FY18-19 Budget Updates; Appointments

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

Attached is Administrative Memorandum 28 that provides a Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Update, a look at FY 2019 and beyond, and announces staff appointments. I am confident that together we will overcome the financial obstacles we face today, and I greatly appreciate your continued efforts and dedication as we work together to succeed within higher education's new normal.

Joining you in service,

Chuck Ambrose, President

For more information:
Download: Memorandum 28 - FY 18 Budget Update . . ..pdf
Contact Jeff Murphy at or call 4640

Awards & Honors

Harmon College Academic Advisor Jennifer Pint has received advising honors at the UCM, state, regional and now national level.
This October, Ms Pint received the National Outstanding Academic Advising Award-Primary Role at the Annual Conference in St.Louis. The ...
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Health & Wellness

Special Gratitude Yoga Today
Before you rush into Thanksgiving, join us and slow down. ...
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Anne Returns to Green Gables
Join Anne Shirley as she turns 13 and faces complex situations with friends, adults and Gilbert. Her free-spirited nature is challenged by ...
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Family Mysteries
Actresses Tea Leoni and Gaby Hoffmann's lives have been shaped by family mysteries. They are introduced to the identities and life stories ...
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Dance, Comedy and Famous Tunes
Enjoy the hit Broadway adaptation of the classic 1942 movie musical, showcasing an Irving Berlin score including the Oscar-winning "White ...
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Your Feedback Requested on KMOS-TV's
Prior to the September broadcasts of "The Vietnam War," by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, KMOS led three preview screenings and panel ...
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You Are Invited

Retirement Reception for Laura Miller
The Registrar's Office will be hosting a retirement reception in honor of Laura Miller, System Coordinator. ...
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Holiday Open House
You are invited to the annual UCM Holiday Open House on Saturday, Dec. 2 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Achauer House, 314 S. Holden. ...
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Previously Posted


Fall 2017 Thesis Deadline - November 27th, 2017
The thesis deadline for Fall 2017 is November, 27th 2017. The student must electronically submit an advanced draft of the thesis, including ...
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Wanted - Commencement Volunteers!
We are again looking for volunteers to assist with the December commencement ceremonies. ...
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UCM Warehouse Product Availability
Did you know that you can purchase batteries, disposable gloves and copy paper from the warehouse? The stocked batteries include AA, AAA, C, ...
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Traffic Pattern Change Begins at Pertle Springs
A new traffic pattern was initiated at Pertle Springs recreation area on Thursday, Nov. 15. The east entrance now becomes one way in and the ...
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UCM Angels Are On the Tree
UCM Angels are on the tree in the Student Rec Center! ...
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Human Resources/Payroll

Health Coaching
Are you interested in improving your overall health, eliminating health risks and benefiting from the support and guidance of a lifestyle ...
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Crisis Leave Pool Donations now being accepted.
Only accrued VACATION time may be donated to the Crisis Leave Pool. The deadline to donate is December 10th. To donate, please use the ...
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Office of Technology

Google Drive Announcement
Recently, Google announced the depreciation of an application that allowed users to synchronize files and documents between their on-line ...
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