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Changes due for the 2018 Four-Year Guides on March 1st!

All changes to the 2018 Four Year Guides are due by Thursday, March 1st. Curriculum changes (program additions/deletions/changes, course titles, prerequisites, major/minor curricula, etc.) submitted for the Four Year Guides must match the curriculum approved for the Undergraduate Catalog via the FSUCC process. If you submitted a revised Four Year Guide through the curriculum process as part of an approved program revision our office has already updated that information.

The four year guides may be found in the Undergraduate Catalog at

Please print out your guide(s) and look over the information for your program(s) and mark any changes for 2018 on the plan. If you have a new program or substantial changes, please type them up in a new Word document. When completed, please return to Heather McGrath at WDE 1000 or via email at by March 1st.

For more information:
Go to:
Contact Office of the Registrar & Student Records at or call 6605434914