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Changes due for the 2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs!

If your office has information in the 2017 Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog please review your content and send any updates to Heather McGrath in WDE 1000 no later than, Thursday, March 1st.

A current version of the catalog can be found online at and you can select the Undergraduate or Graduate catalog for review.

1. If you have no changes to your section, please e-mail a confirmation to

2. If you have minor changes to the text, simply print* off your page(s), mark them, and send back via campus mail to the Registrar's Office, WDE 1000, Attention: Heather McGrath. (*each page in the electronic catalog has a printer friendly icon)

3. If you have extensive changes to the text, please type your new text in a Word document and e-mail to

Reminder: Any text changes contained in the College/School/Departments and Program areas should also be sent to Heather McGrath at Curriculum changes must be approved through the FSUCC curriculum process.

For more information:
Go to:
Contact Office of the Registrar & Student Records at or call 6605434914