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TODAY is the Last Day to Drop a first-half semester class

Today is the last day for students to drop first-half semester course. The last day to drop (also known as the W date) may vary by class depending on the part of term and the start/end dates of the course.

Instructors teaching off-schedule classes can find the last day to drop for their courses in ARGOS. Find instructions at

Students are encouraged to process all drops by 4pm (in case assistance is needed) but will have access in MyCentral until midnight. Students with holds on their accounts are unable to drop classes in MyCentral and will need assistance from their academic advisor or the Registrar's Office.

Faculty and staff can find listings of academic dates and deadlines (refunds, last days to add/drop, etc.) at

In addition, monthly academic deadlines are featured at the top of the Registrar's Office Newsletter - sent to all faculty on the first business day of each month. Another way to keep up with deadlines is to follow us on Facebook (UCM MoInfo) or Twitter (UCMRegistrar). Reminders will be sent out on these pages as deadlines approach.

Students can find enrollment and refund deadlines for their specific courses in MyCentral in the Student Services/Home tab, at the link Check Refund and Withdrawal Dates.

For more information:
Go to:
Contact Office of the Registrar & Student Records at or call 6605434914