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The Show Me Justice Film Festival

Martin Bldg., Room 126
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Mark von Schlemmer, Ph.D, Festival Director
Phone: 660.543.4364


Show Me Justice Film Festival 2012 Schedule

Saturday, October 20th Feature Films

Festival Lunch Gathering
11:00 am, Heroes Restaurant and Pub
107 W. Pine St.
Downtown Warrensburg, MO

Free Your Mind Instead - Shorts Program D
1:00 pm, Hendricks Hall
90 mins

This shorts program features the following films:
The Miracles of Honey Bee Hill - Narrative, 23:00
Moon Attic - Experimental, 5:26
The Mountain Between Us - Documentary, 12:00
Insight to Strengths - Documentary, 9:00
A Short Film on Conformity - Narrative, 12:30
All that Glisters - Animated, 7:30
Astorgos - Narrative, 13:00


Filmmakers Roundtable II
2:30 pm, Union 237A


Living Life in Peace - Shorts Program E
3:30 pm, Hendricks Hall
90 mins

This shorts program features the following films:
For the Fallen - Narrative, 12:30
Dachau - Experimental, 5:30
Vet - Narrative, 14:00
The Telegram Man - Narrative, 14:00
The Peacewalker - Documentary, 22:00
The Sixth Leaf - Animated, 5:00
Fair Game - Animated, 2:00
House - Animated, 4:00
Written by Gandhi - Animated, 1:00
BREAKDOWN the remix - Experimental, 10:00

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Corporate FM
Directed by Kevin McKinney
74 mins, Documentary, USA

7:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

In 1996 commercial radio underwent a quiet revolution: local station owners throughout the country sold their stations to national conglomerates. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or web-based music sharing applications, locally owned radio reaches thousands of people in a single area at the same time with a message unique to that area. That ability is what once moved entire cities to unite around local bands, charities, businesses, and even new ideas. Corporate FM uncovers how radio was destroyed from the inside and what happens when a city loses a communal microphone.


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One Day After Peace
Directed by Miri & Erez Laufer
86 mins, Documentary, South Africa/Israel

9:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

When Robi Damelin lost her youngest son while he manned a West Bank military checkpoint, she attempted to initiate a dialog with the Palestinian who killed him. But when her overtures were rejected she decided to return to South Africa to see how the country where she was born had approached forgiveness and reconciliation after apartheid. One Day After Peace follows Robi's thought provoking journey through the past and present, through the cooperation of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents, to a belief that a better future is possible.


Awards Ceremony
10:30 pm, Hendricks Hall

The Awards Ceremony is immediately following the last feature film.

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Schedule for Each Day

All Festival Passes 2nd Day Events:
Thursday, Oct. 18th
Feature Films 3rd Day Events:
Friday, Oct. 19th
Shorts Programs 4th Day Events:
Saturday, Oct. 20th

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