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The Show Me Justice Film Festival

Martin Bldg., Room 126
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Mark von Schlemmer, Ph.D, Festival Director
Phone: 660.543.4364


Show Me Justice Film Festival 2012 Schedule
Feature Films:

Wednesday, October 17th Feature Films

Buy Tickets for Lost Angels!

Lost Angels
Directed by Thomas Napper
77 mins, Documentary, USA
7:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

Los Angeles' Skid Row is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. But in that community filmmaker Thomas Napper found the remarkable and enormously moving stories of Olympic athletes, Harvard attorneys, and accomplished musicians and scholars. While there is poverty, addiction, and mental illness, there is also, and more importantly, life, hope, and incredibly powerful human journeys.

Preceded by short film "Common Ground."


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Love Orchard - Work-in-Progress
Directed by Farhad Mann
104 mins, Narrative, USA
9:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

Christian’s family farm is drawn into controversy when the young daughter of one of the farm’s workers is discovered to be an illegal immigrant. To fight the girl’s deportation, Christian enlists the help of his estranged, Washington DC lawyer daughter, Karen. The pair must mend their relationship in order to defend the small child’s rights.

Preceded by the short film, "New Environmentalists: Home to Turkana, Kenya."

Thursday, October 18th Feature Films

Buy Tickets for Dreaming Nicaragua & Shorts Program B!

Dreaming Nicaragua
Directed by Marcelo Bukin
60 mins, Documentary, Spain/Nicaragua
3:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall (Shown in conjunction with Shorts Program B: International)

In Dreaming Nicaragua four children's stories open up the issues that inhabit their daily lives, including education, health, child labor, domestic violence, illegal immigration, and unemployment. As the film unfolds, these issues and individual experiences inter-connect and coalesce organically to form an intimate portrait of Nicaragua today, seen directly through the eyes of its youngest generation.


Friday, October 19th Feature Films

Buy Tickets for The After Party & Difficult Love!

The After Party
Directed by Michael Schiller
65 mins, Documentary, USA

7:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall (Double Feature with Difficult Love)

During the course of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, over 1800 people were arrested, including a documentary film crew filming a protest at Ground Zero. The crew’s tape became instrumental evidence in Schiller v. City of New York, a landmark first amendment case, filed by crew member Michael Schiller, that uncovered a warrantless police spying operation. The After Party takes a hard look at the precariously thin line between security and freedom and examines the resurgence of domestic surveillance in America.

Preceded by the short film "Poem Without U or I."


Buy Tickets for Difficult Love & The After Party!

Difficult Love
Directed by Peter Goldsmid & Zanele Muholi
48 mins, Documentary, South Africa

7:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall (Double Feature with The After Party)

How real are the freedoms of newly won democracy for Black, South African lesbians and gays? This film offers a moving answer and a compelling plea for understanding and tolerance. Illustrated by internationally celebrated photographer Zanele Muhole's images and a diverse range of interviews, Difficult Love offers a poignant personal journey that counters head-on the charge that being lesbian or gay is “un-African” or un-Christian. It reveals a world that is often hidden or suppressed.


Buy Tickets for A.L.F.!

Directed by Jérôme Lescure
96 mins, Narrative, France

9:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

Bonded by empathy toward mistreated animals, a diverse group of ordinary people face the dilemma that when something has gone beyond the bounds of reason, you must forget about what is legal and care about what seems right. Acting under the guise of the Animal Liberation Front, the group must show courage as they set out to free a number of dogs condemned to being sold to laboratories as vivisection subjects.

Preceded by short film "The Littlest Ones: A Dogumentary."


Saturday, October 20th Feature Films

Buy Tickets for Corporate FM!

Corporate FM
Directed by Kevin McKinney
74 mins, Documentary, USA

7:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

In 1996 commercial radio underwent a quiet revolution: local station owners throughout the country sold their stations to national conglomerates. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or web-based music sharing applications, locally owned radio reaches thousands of people in a single area at the same time with a message unique to that area. That ability is what once moved entire cities to unite around local bands, charities, businesses, and even new ideas. Corporate FM uncovers how radio was destroyed from the inside and what happens when a city loses a communal microphone.

Preceded by the short film "Closing Bell."


Buy Tickets for One Day After Peace!

One Day After Peace
Directed by Miri & Erez Laufer
86 mins, Documentary, South Africa/Israel

9:00 pm Screening, Hendricks Hall

When Robi Damelin lost her youngest son while he manned a West Bank military checkpoint, she attempted to initiate a dialog with the Palestinian who killed him. But when her overtures were rejected she decided to return to South Africa to see how the country where she was born had approached forgiveness and reconciliation after apartheid. One Day After Peace follows Robi's thought provoking journey through the past and present, through the cooperation of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents, to a belief that a better future is possible.

Preceded by the short film "From the Rooftops."


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