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Geography Program

Humphreys Building, Room 223
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8085


Program Highlights

Geography students have opportunities for service education projects in neighboring communities as, for example, in downtown redevelopment, tourism survey research, historic preservation, and the planning of bicycle trails. Some geography courses also offer field trips, such as urban and physical.  Each year the department arranges special lectures or other activities in connection with Geography Awareness Week in November, and sponsors the Hibdon Honorary Lecture, the Spring Awards Reception, and student social activities.

New faculty members have expanded the breadth of the Geograph program, with new courses like Natural Hazards and a full program in Geographic Information Systems. Faculty members are energetically engaged in research projects and professional development activities such as workshops and conferences, often incorporating students into these activities. Some students present their work at local, regional, and national venues.


Many students benefit from internship opportunities as a part of their geographic educations.  Internships are typically arranged for 1 to 6 credit hours and can be served in either the public or private sector; fees per credit hour are the same as for regular courses.  The professor and internship supervisor decide on the specific assignments, time requirements, and evaluation procedures.  Contact a faculty member for details.

Study Abroad

Geography is an avid supporter of international education and encourages students to explore study and travel opportunities outside the U.S.  Placement opportunities are available in more than 50 countries, from Sweden and Hungary to Mexico, Norway, Japan, and Australia.  The Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies in the Netherlands is a particularly attractive option for geography faculty and students as the Center draws from a consortium of universities throughout Europe, Mexico, and the United States.  For full information contact:

Office of International Programs
Ward Edwards Building, Room 1200
Ph: 660-543-4195

Words from our Alums

"My biggest benefit of using geography was utilizing available imagery, GIS applications and basic fundamentals of interpreting topography to assist coalition forces in their efforts on the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).  All of our construction efforts relied on interpreting the topography of our location, understanding draining, soils analysis and climatology factors." 

M.B. (with General Franks)


"The most fulfilling work I have ever done, and I am using GIS to help.  Humanitarian work with 21st century technology, fantastic..."

Dan Cobb, GIS Specialist for the Katrina hurricane recovery effort.  


Tim Renaud, a 2000 graduate (not pictured), works for U.S. Cellular as a project manager in the St. Louis market.  He manages "site acquistion and construction of cell sites that range from 300 foot rooftop antenna installations, water tanks, and special projects."  As he scouts terrain with GoogleEarth, he describes it as "a fun industry," and his degree in Geography as "relevant to what I do."   He's "proud to be a geographer."