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History at UCM

Understanding today's complex world and seeking the best vision for tomorrow.

M.A. in History at UCM

Explore the depths of history and discover new ways to think about the past.

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Explore innovative techniques and proven methods for a career in education.

Africana Studies at UCM

Discover multicultural contributions throughout history and inspire change.

Anthropology at UCM

Contribute to the rich diversity of the rapidly changing world.

Faculty and Staff


The Department of History and Anthropology faculty members bring to UCM a wide range of academic and professional training.  All hold terminal degrees in their respective fields.  Additional details about the faculty and their professional achievements may be found on their individual faculty pages.


Current Faculty


Image of Dr. Tenbus. Dr. Eric Tenbus (Chair)
Ph.D. Florida State University (2001)
 Teaches: England to 1689, Modern Britain and the Empire, Traditional and Modern Middle East, Nineteenth-Century Europe
Research: Victorian Catholicism, Victorian education, alehouses and brewing in the United Kingdom


Image of Dr. Alpaugh. Dr. Micah Alpaugh
Ph.D. University of California-Irvine (2010)
Teaches: Early/Modern World History, French Revolution and Napoleon, Revolutionary Europe
Research: French Revolution, popular protest and democracy, nonviolence and violence, eighteenth-century revolutions and the Atlantic World


Image of Dr. Cannon. Dr. Jessica A. Cannon
Ph.D. Rice University (2010)
Teaches: U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction, Jacksonian America, Nineteenth-Century America, American Military Experience, History of Flight
Research: Nationalism and identity in the Civil War era, Antebellum industrialization and trans-Atlantic networks


Image of Dr. Clifford-Napoleone. Dr. Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone
Ph.D. University of Kansas (2007)
Teaches: Cultural and Applied Anthropology, Anthropology of Gender, Comprative Cultures, and Museum Studies
Research: Queer theory and ethnomusicology, American music subcultures, textile conservation, and material culture


Image of Dr. Crews. Dr. Dan A. Crews
Ph.D. Auburn University (1984)
Teaches: Imperial Spain, Renaissance and Age of Exploration, History of Mexico, Modern Latin America
Research: Spanish humanism and diplomacy in the Age of Charles V, welfare reform in Sixteenth-Century Spain and Italy


Image of Dr. Gillis. Dr. Delia Cook Gillis
Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia (1996)
Teaches: Introduction to Africana Studies; African American History; African Diaspora; African American Women, Gender and Civil Rights; History of South Africa; Social History of the American Family; Race, Class, and Gender; James Bond Films; Politics and Social Justice in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Research: African American Kansas City, African American women, the digital humanities, service learning, and public history

Image of Dr. Gillis. Dr. Thomas Goldstein
Ph.D. University of North Carolina (2010)
Teaches: History of the Modern World; Modern Germany and the Nazi Experience
Research: Modern Germany History


Image of Dr. Kim. Dr. Sean Kim
Ph.D. Harvard University (2004)
Teaches: History of the Modern World, Rise of Chinese Civilization, Modern China, Modern Korea, Rise of Japanese Civilization
Research: Korean religious and cultural history, Protestant missionary movement, colonialism in East Asia


Picture of Dr. Hannah Marsh Dr. Hannah E. Marsh
Ph.D. University of Iowa (2013)
Teaches: Human Prehistory, Physical Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Hoax and Myth in Anthropology, Human Evolution, Human Variation, and Primate Behavior
Research: Homo erectus, cranial vault thickness, recent human variation, race


Dr. Starlynn Nance
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma (2012)
Teaches: Social Studies Education
Research: Controversial Public Issue Instruction, Citizenship, Feedback, Pre-Service Teachers, and Student Teachers

Josh Nygren Dr. Josh Nygren
Ph.D. University of Kansas (2015)
Teaches: Modern US, Environmental History, Food and Farming in US History
Research: 20th-century US environmental, political, and agricultural history; soil and water conservation


Image of Dr. Rowe. Dr. Mary Ellen Rowe
Ph.D. University of Washington (1988)
Teaches: Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Barbarian Europe, and Native American
Research: Early Medieval and Germanic Religions


Image of Dr. Sundberg. Dr. Sara Brooks Sundberg
Ph.D. Louisiana State University (2001)
Teaches: Colonial History, Revolution and Republic, History of the Westward Movement, Women in America
Research: North American women's history with a particular focus on early America


Image of Dr. Taylor. Dr. Jon Taylor
Ph.D. University of Missouri (2004)
Teaches: Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Jazz Age and Great Depression, Missouri History, Public History, Truman and Civil Rights
Research: Truman presidency, history of historic preservation, National Park Service


Jeff Yelton Dr. Jeff Yelton
Ph.D. University of Missouri (1991)
Teaches: Human Prehistory, Cultural Anthropology, World Archaeology, Archaeological Field School, Historical Archaeology, North American Indian
Research: Historical Archaeology in the Midwest, cult archaeology, international education



Office Professional


Trish Stephens Trish Stephens
Location: Wood Hall 136
(660) 543-4404



Adjunct Faculty


Anderson, Kyle

Johnson, Peter
McGee, Ryan
Mends, Albion
Penrod, Dr. Michael
Rice, Dr. David
Shay, Wendy
Smith, Elizabeth P.




Emeriti Faculty


Foley, Dr. William E.

Heming, Dr. Carol

McCoid, Dr. Catherine H.

Rice, Dr. David

Sheets, Dr. John W.



In Memoriam


Paul E. Rorvig (1952-2013)

Raymond Leonard (1959-2008)

Arthur F. McClure (1936-1998)