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Dr. Thomas Goldstein

Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Tom Goldstein


Office: Wood Hall 136M
Office Phone:


I received my Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of North Carolina and previously taught at Clemson University and the University of Arkansas before coming to Central Missouri.  I am a specialist in modern German history with a particular interest in the history of the East German communist dictatorship.  My current project focuses on the East German Writers Union (Schriftstellerverband), the government-dominated organization to which all authors had to belong and consequently a major instrument through which the ruling party shaped cultural life.   The project probes how the Writers Union shaped understandings of public intellectuals under communism from the early 1970s through the 1980s, revealing the ways in which the union helped strengthen certain aspects of the dictatorship while simultaneously destabilizing others and ultimately contributing to East Germany’s collapse.

I am also the Faculty Sponsor for the History Club – check us out on Facebook!

Ph.D. in History, University of North Carolina, 2010
M.A. in History, University of North Carolina, 2005
B.A. in History, University of Maryland, 2003
B.A. in Government and Politics, University of Maryland, 2003

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor of History, University of Central Missouri, 2016-present
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, 2014-2016
Co-Director, European Studies Program, University of Arkansas, 2015-2016
Instructor, University of Arkansas, 2011-2014
Lecturer, Clemson University, 2010-2011
Research Assistant, Ancient World Mapping Center (University of North Carolina), 2003-2004

Teaching Areas
Modern Germany, the Holocaust, Modern Europe, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, World War I

Research Interests
Intellectuals under Communism, Social and Cultural Life under Dictatorships

Courses Taught
HIST 1400: Early World History
HIST 1402: Modern World History
HIST 4416: Europe in Crisis (Twentieth Century Europe)
HIST 4431: Modern Germany
HIST 4432: Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
HIST 4442: The Soviet World
HIST 5350: Graduate Colloquium: Modern Germany
Special Topics Course on World War I

Writing in Red: The Writers Union and the Role of Literary Intellectuals in the German Democratic Republic, 1971-90 (in progress, manuscript under contract with Camden House, German History in Context series edited by Bill Niven)

“A Tenuous Peace: Anti-Nuclear Activism within the East German Writers Union in the 1980s,” in Eckart Konze, Martin Klimke, and Jeremy Varon, eds., Accidental Armageddons: The Nuclear Crisis and the Culture of the Cold War in the 1980s (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

Co-Translator, Konrad Jarausch, ed., United Germany: Debating Processes and Prospects (Berghahn, 2013)

Editorial assistant for Karen Hagemann, Konrad H. Jarausch, and Cristina Allemann-Ghionda, eds. Children, Families and States: Time Policies of Childcare and Primary Schooling in East and West Europe (Berghahn, 2011)