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Residence Hall Desk Information

Many residence halls have a front desk that benefits residents. Front desks monitor the front entries of buildings and fire boards for the buildings. They provide mail services, while some sell stamps and check out equipment, games, and supplies. Residence halls that have front desks are:

  • Ellis/Diemer Halls: 660-543-4322
  • Fitzgerald Hall: 660-543-4320
  • Fraternity Complex: 660-543-4598
  • Houts/Hosey Halls: 660-543-4321
  • Nickerson Hall: 660-543-4583
  • Nattinger/Bradshaw Halls: 660-543-4319
  • Panhellenic Hall: 660-543-4551
  • South Yeater Hall: 660-543-4317
  • UCC Hall:  660-543-4034
  • Yeater/South Todd Halls: 660-543-4316
  • The Crossing: 660-543-4396

Employees who staff front desks are called Office Assistants (OAs). OA expectations may be found online.