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SHIP Living Options

Ship Living Options

Art & Photograhpy SHIP
Music SHIP
Theatre SHIP
Nursing SHIP
Honors SHIP
Criminal Justice SHIP
Aviation SHIP

Art & Photography
UCM has a strong art department consisting of studio art, commercial art and graphic design, art education, and interior design.  Students majoring in art, graphic design, interior design, photography, or studio art can join together in the art SHIP.  Students can learn about the different art areas UCM offers and enjoy the common aspects of art.  Housed in the University Conference Center, the art SHIP provides: 

  • Reservable space for student exhibits
  • Out the back door to the pottery area
  • Possible space for class instruction
  • Close to art department and studios


Music lovers collaborate in the University Conference Center to create the Music SHIP. In this environment, students interact with others who share their desire for music, no specific major is necessary. Who knows? The next big hit may come from a resident of this SHIP! Perks of this SHIP are:

  • Adjoining hallway to various faculty offices & classes in Hudson Hall
  • Practice rooms for music needs
  • Close proximity to all university music facilities

Blackbox Theatre ProductionTheatre

Located in Nickerson Hall, this SHIP provides students access to the student-run Blackbox Theatre, which is on the same floor as the SHIP. Blackbox productions occur throughout the academic year. Students have opportunities to participate and interact with other students who share an interest in theatre, no specific major is necessary.  Benefits of this SHIP include:

  • Close proximity to Black Box Theatre
  • Convenient class space
  • Lounge to rehearse lines, blocking, etc.


Students interested in a medical career, and major in nursing or pre-nursing, join together in Nattinger Hall to create the Nursing SHIP. Students have access to a classroom on the ground floor where many classes and study sessions are held. A resource room is also available in the hall. Advantages of this SHIP are:

  • Resource room with health-related items and information
  • Nursing introduction course taught in the same building
  • Quiet study lounge


The Honors SHIP creates a unique living environment for students in the Honors College. Houts Hall focuses on enhancing the educational experience of each student. Co-ed by suite, the Honors SHIP accommodates both upper class and first year students. The requirements to live in the Honors SHIP is acceptance into the Honors College. Benefits of this SHIP are:

  • Residence library/study area for groups or individuals
  • Lounges for group study & honor presentations
  • Computer lab
  • Honors courses taught in building

Criminal Justice

Understanding the criminal justice system is important if you plan to enter this profession. Students majoring in criminal justice, corrections, or international criminal justice can join together in the criminal justice SHIP. Residents have access to other students and resources, which helps to enhance their academic and social experience at UCM. Housed in the University Conference Center, this SHIP provides:

  • Computer lab
  • Student organization offices
  • Faculty advisor within the building


For one of UCM's strongest programs, this SHIP brings together roommates, suitemates and one entire floor of students who major in airport management, aviation maintenance management, flight operations management, or professional pilot, or minor in aviation. Students have opportunities to focus on aspects of aviation and to form bonds with fellow enthusiasts. This SHIP in Ellis Hall offers:

  • Close proximity to the aviation department
  • Meeting space for team projects