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Educational Development FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for benefits under the program?   Full-time employees; Spouses and legally dependent children of full-time employees; Retirees, spouses, and dependents of full-time employees; Benefits eligible dependents of deceased full-time employees; and Part-time employees.

How many classes can I take?   Full-time employees will have their in-state and out-of-state fees paid by UCM for not more than 15 semester hours per year. Part-time employees will have their in-state and out-of-state fees paid by UCM for not more than 6 semester hours per year.

Is my family eligible for this program?   Spouses and legally dependent children of qualified Full-time UCM employees who are not entitled to their own "employee" benefit are eligible to have UCM pay 50% of the applicable fees.

Define legally dependent children.   Natural-born or adopted children of the employee or spouse considered as dependents of the eligible employee for federal income tax purposes as filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Can I use my part-time benefits of 6 hours in conjunction with my dependent status if I am a legal dependent of a full-time employee?   This benefit cannot be combined with an additional benefit if the part-time employee is also the spouse or dependent child of a benefits eligible full-time employee.

Am I automatically eligible for tuition assistance if I enroll for a class?   No, there is a form that must be completed for the educational development program. Deadlines for submitting the form are listed below.

I was a full-time employee at the beginning of the fall semester and have used 6 semester hours of my benefit as allowed. I transferred into a part-time position at the end of the fall semester and want to take 6 additional hours in the spring. Do I get 6 hours for the spring semester?   No, benefits have been exhausted for the academic year.

Can I pay for textbooks using the program?   No, the program is not applicable to room and board charges, textbook rental or purchase fees, or private lesson costs.

If I take a CLEP test for credit, will the program pay for the test?   No. The program is designed for classes.

My legally dependent child is taking a dual credit class in high school. Can the fee for this class be applied under the educational assistance program and when is the form due because the high school has a different starting date for the semester?   Provided the course is offered by UCM through one of the local high schools offering a dual credit program it may qualify under the program. Contact the Office of Human Resources for verification. The form should be submitted within the first week after the class starts.

When does the educational assistance year start?   The program benefit is renewable each academic year, starting with the fall semester and running through the end of the summer semester.

If I don't use all my benefit one year, can I carry over the unused portion to the next academic year?   No. The benefit has no cash value and is not cumulative.

I want to take classes at UCM. What do I need to do to get started?   It is your responsibility to get admitted to a program of your choice and to enroll in classes. When you decide which class or classes you plan to take, you will need to complete the Educational Development Program form. Deadline information is listed below. Please note that you need to apply for educational assistance prior to the start of classes.

Once I'm approved, is there anything else I need to do?   Approval for tuition assistance does not guarantee admission. You must be admitted to UCM in order to take classes by the time the semester for which you are applying begins. For more information about this process, contact the Admissions Office for undergraduate admission or the Graduate Division Office of the school offering your major for graduate admission.

Do I need to apply for assistance each semester?   Yes, you need to submit your Educational Development form prior to the start of each semester you plan on utilizing this benefit.

Do I get time off from work to attend class?   Supervisors, consistent with the needs of the department, may permit employees to take courses during normal working hours if the time can be made up or flexible work hours can be granted (nonexempt employees) or the responsibilities of the job are met (exempt employees). Departments are encouraged to make every effort to accommodate an employee's request to attend a course and should consider such factors as scheduling flexibility, work load, availability of other staff for coverage, and the number of other requests from employees.

What happens if I don't complete my class?   Whenever a class is dropped during the semester, a penalty or adjustment is applied against the educational development program authorization award and the amount of the adjustment increases as time passes during the semester. If you withdraw from a class sponsored by the program, it is your responsibility to cover any resulting tuition adjustments. No penalty is assessed if a class is dropped before the semester begins.

What if I leave my position at UCM before the end of the semester?   Employees leaving the employment of UCM prior to the completion of the semester/term in which the employee or dependents are enrolled must pay full fees for the semester/term.  An employee who withdraws from a class upon separation will only be able to obtain a refund for what he or she paid.

I’m just getting back into the swing of school. I’d like to take an on-line class before going back to regular classes. Can this be covered under the educational development program?   If the class is offered on-line through UCM as part of a course curriculum then it would be covered under the program.

Can I apply for seminars or professional conferences through this program?   Seminars and conferences are a professional development activity and should be paid for by your department, contingent upon the availability of funding.

If I receive educational development program assistance under UCM’s program, is it subject to federal taxes?   The program falls under section 127 of the Federal Internal Revenue Code.  For more information speak to your tax consultant.

Would employees on educational leave with partial or full pay be eligible for this program?   Yes.

Would employees on leave without pay be eligible for this program?   No.

Can nine-month contract faculty enroll in summer sessions?   Yes, providing they have not utilized their current entitlement during the Fall & Spring semesters.

Is the policy available to faculty or only non-faculty employees?   The program is for all categories of full-time employees and others as specified by their eligibility. Employees must be employed before the semester starting to be eligible for benefit. 

I took a class last year and just realized I forgot to apply for education development program authorization. Can I still do that?   No, benefits must be applied for by the deadline date listed below.

What if I have a scholarship in addition to being eligible for the educational development program benefit? The Educational Development benefit will be credited to the student account first followed by any University Scholarships.

DEADLINE to submit Educational Development form:
Forms for Educational Development should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the semester starting.