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Renovation of Morrow Garrison Enters Preliminary Stages

Contact: Mike Greife
The first stages of the renovation of UCM’s Morrow-Garrison complex are becoming evident as portions of the facility are closed to the public to permit crews to prepare to begin work.

Access Limited as Work Begins

No access will be permitted to Morrow and North Morrow, as well as the Garrison gymnasium basement, after July 10 as the water is shut off and salvage operations begin, allowing the removal of serviceable fixtures and equipment. The Garrison Gymnasium will remain accessible until about Nov. 1, or until bleacher replacement has been completed in the Multipurpose Building.

Interior demolition in preparation for renovation will begin in the fall in accordance with scheduled abatement activities that comply with environmental regulations.

New Student Recreation Center

The renovation of the building will be completed in conjunction with the construction of the new student recreation center on campus, with completion planned for fall semester 2010.