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UCM Grant Link Documentation


General GrantLink Documentation

Statuses in GrantLink: There are two kinds of statuses in GrantLink: Proposal Status and Project Status. Project Status is a general description of where a project is as it progresses along, used primarily for reporting purposes.  Proposal Status is more detailed and used for workflow management by OSP and to help the PI/PD understand exactly what is currently happening with their project.  This file includes a flowchart for the Proposal Statuses and a listing of all Proposal Statuses, their relationship to Project Status, and a description.

GrantLink Field Descriptions: There are dozens of new fields for information in GrantLink to collect data.  Some are fairly intuitive, but some are not.  This spreadsheet identifies the Folders you will see in the record and lists the fields that UCM will be using for each of those folders.  If a drop down menu exists, you will see the menu options under Picklist.  The last column is a Description for each of the fields or picklist items.

GrantLink Attachment Categories: Attachment Categories are used to sort the myriad of documents that can sometimes be produced for a grant submission.  Naming conventions have also been established so that reviewers of multiple proposals will have consistency in looking at file names of uploaded documents.  This file includes a description and preferable name for the attachment as well as the category and folder in which you can find the attachment.

GrantLink QuickGuides

Due to copyright agreements with Infoed, we cannot publish the GrantLink QuickGuides on the OSP website. Please contact Teresa Williams, x4264, for the QuickGuides.