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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


2005-2006 Professional Staff Council Committees & Appointments

The Professional Staff Council accomplishes some of its purposes through the use of standing and ad hoc committees, in addition to appointing professional staff to other university groups as needed. PSC committee chairs, council representatives on university committees and task forces, advisory board/council appointees, and professional staff liaisons are listed below:

Executive Committee

President - Deborah Turnbow (4541)
Vice President / President Elect - Michelle Hendricks (4770)
Secretary - Jenne Vanderbout (8000)
Past President - Donna Bodenhamer (4117)

Member Services

Chair - Becky Weaver (8629)
Donna Bodenhamer
Charissa Davis
Jim Matthews
Jim Pryde
Ricque Robinson
Savitri Wilder


Chair - Holly Davenport (8383)
Dana Hoover
Lisa Schmidt
Scott Umphrey
Trent White

Human Resources

Chair - Joy Stevenson(4195)
Joyce Huffman
Amy Kiger
Linda Moore
Paul Polychronis
Jenne Vanderbout


Chair - Michelle Hendricks (4770)
Terry Bond
Shawn Cripe
Terri Fayle
Flip Piontek

Professional Staff Council Liaisons

Support Staff Council - Eugene Stillman (4738)
Administrative - Martha Albin (4113)

University Committee Appointments

Center for Teaching and Learning: Mary Griffis (4359), 2005-2007
Employee of the Quarter: Jeff Murphy (4640)
International Affairs: Holly Davenport (8383), 2003-2006
Library Advisory: Don Eatherton (4798)
Start-Up: Charissa Davis (4040), 2005-2007
Strategic Planning & Resource Council: Michelle Hendricks (4770)
Traffic & Parking: Vicki Voland (4605), 2005-2007
Wellness: Pam Benson (4484)
Discrimination Hearing Panel Pool & Review Panel Pool: Sharon Jennings (4420), Phil Shreves (4033), John Lamirande (4357), Chuck Petentler (8502)
Undergraduate Retention Implementation Team (Customer Service Training):  Donna Bodenhamer (4117)