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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


March 2008

Support Staff Council

 Attendance:  Debbie Combs, Belva Farnsworth, Brenda Dooley, Cindy Merryfield, Kathy Maham, Pam Bennett (Alt), Karen O’Keefe, Joyce Stephens (Alt), Diana Summers (Alt), Stephanie Myers, Greg Biesemeyer, and Zach Lewis.

Guests:  Billie Duffer, Kandice M. Gerdes, Kathy Schnakenberg, Tracy Carter, Noel Moore, Mindi Sherman, Sharon Brinton, Shelia Schneider, Tracy Martens, and Trisha Boyd.

Debbie Combs called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions
Debbie welcomed the newly elected support staff council members:
Sarah Bailey (Representative) – University Advancement
Stephanie Myers and Debbie Combs (Representatives) - Academic Affairs
Greg Biesemeyer (Representative) and Diana Summers (Alternate) - Finance and Administration

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the February 12, 2008 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Diana Summers
Diana gave account balances:  Foundation Survival House  $4,079.74, SSC account $1,368.76, and Foundation Educational Award $542.03. 

Solid Gold Awards – Debbie Combs
Debbie presented awards for February 2008 to:
1.  Tracy Carter, Curriculum and Instruction, nominated by Dennis Ehlert & Yuankun Yao of Curriculum and Instruction.
2.  Kandice Gerdes, Office of Admissions, nominated by Billie Duffer of Office of Admissions.
3.  Kathy Schnakenberg, HCBA Business Internship Office, nominated by Belva Farnsworth of Harmon College of Business Administration.
4.  Mindy Sherman, Administration and Finance, nominated by Susan Malott of the University Store.

Professional Staff Council Report – Zach Lewis
-The PSC meeting was held last month on Feb 14.  In regards to the Compensation Task Force, the PSC received an email from Dr. Sawyer about the faculty compensation.  The SSC should also see some feedback soon from this task force.
-There should be some information coming soon about the Strategic Plan mission and goals.
-There were 5 nominations for the JP Mees Award, and the winner should be announced at the PSC breakfast in April.

Administrative Liaison – Sharon Brinton for Dr. Betty Roberts
Sharon had no new updates to present.

Salary Proposal Update
– Debbie Combs
-The SSC received a letter from President Podolefsky thanking them for the salary proposal, and the president forwarded it on to the Strategic Planning and Resource Council (SPRC) for consideration.  The SPRC will possibly discuss the proposal at their upcoming retreat on March 17.  Debbie said the president commented that some people had mistakenly thought that a four percent (4%) tuition increase plus four percent (4%) appropriation increase yields eight percent (8%) total.  This thinking is not correct.  Given the structure of our enrollments, UCM is likely to net considerably less than a four percent (4%) increase to our core budget.
-Sheila Schneider thanked everyone for their responses to her email requesting their opinion about the guiding principles that the task force will be using in regards to market pay for the salary proposal.  She will take the information to the Governance Task Force for review.

Bowling Fundraiser – Ms. Debbie Combs
This fundraiser has been held during spring break week in the past, but it didn’t happen this year.  There was a discussion to have it in either June or July 2008.  Members that volunteered to be on the committee were Brenda Dooley, Cindy Merryfield, and Tracy Nichol-Martens.  More volunteers are needed along with a chair for the committee.

Upcoming Election of Officers – Ms. Debbie Combs
At April’s meeting, an election will be held for the executive council.  She advised all voting members to think about whom they would like to nominate for a position and then advised calling that person to let them know.

-Belva Farnsworth reminded everyone at the meeting that Sarah Roy will be leaving UCM and the Staff Span is looking for a volunteer for her replacement.  This request was also sent out via email.
-Tracy Martens gave an update on Facilities Planning and Operations’ search for a new facilities and food service provider.  They are currently in the decision stage.  In about 1.5 months they will know who will get the award to start service on July 1, 2008.  After the bid has been awarded, details about the choices and decisions made will be available to all.
-Sheila Schneider gave an update for the Parking Committee.  The committee is waiting for recommendations about the master plan after the Board of Governor’s meeting has taken place.  There’s discussion about charging per zones for faculty, staff and students.  The closer the parking, the higher the cost would be.  Four issues are being looked at: 
1.  Tiered park plans discussed several years ago. 
2.  Fee structure. 
3.  Quotes change from day to day for redoing parking lots. 
4.  Lots open 24/7 and requiring passes for night students.
-Trisha Boyd asked if anyone knew about a massive re-carding (issuing new id’s) on the campus.  Tracy Martens said this is true, although she was unsure of the timeframe that this would happen. 

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 8 at 1:30 in Union 304/306.