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UCM Lee's Summit has programs built for your busy life in the Kansas City metro
UCM Lee's Summit offers in-demand degrees in the Kansas City area
UCM Lee's Summit offers a master's degree in Occupational Safety Management

UCM Lee's Summit Student Services and Information

Students taking classes at UCM Lee's Summit benefit from a wide variety of services. Services are categorized as on site and off site.

Shuttle Bus

UCM operates a shuttle that transports student between UCM Lee's Summit and the main campus in Warrensburg.



The bus departs from lot 29, southeast of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library at:

Monday - Thursday

7:00am; 9:00am; 12:30pm; 2:30pm; and 4:45pm


7:30am; and 3:00pm


UCM Lee's Summit

The bus departs from the main entrance of the building.


8:00am; 10:00am; 1:30pm; 3:45pm; 5:45pm, and 9:15pm


8:00am; 10:00am; 1:30pm; 3:45pm; 6:00pm; and 9:15pm

Tuesday and Thursday

8:00am; 10:00am; 1:30pm; 3:45pm; and 5:40pm


8:30am; and 4:00pm


Please go to shuttle.cfm for complete information.




Our parking guidelines have changed from the fall semester.  All of the UCM parking lots are now available to any student, faculty, or staff member to park in, but please only park in UCM designated parking lots. After 5PM students are allowed to park in the visitor and 15 minute parking spaces.


Please click on parking map for details.


Academic Advising

UCM Lee's Summit provides a full-time academic advisor to assist both current and prospective undergraduate students in the following services:

  • Admissions
  • Advisement for undergraduate programs offered at UCM Lee's Summit
  • Enrollment
  • Liaison services with graduate advisors
  • Transfer assistance for undergraduate programs offered at UCM Lee's Summit
  • Programs of study

To make an appointment with the advisor, please call 660-543-8252 or e-mail


Purchase textbooks:

At the start of each semester, the UCM Lee's Summit branch of the University Store opens for a limited times, students can purchase textbooks for classes that are held at UCM Lee's Summit.

If a student requires an additional textbook, or if the UCM Lee's Summit branch of the University Store is closed, a student may also purchase textbooks by calling the University Store (1-800-330-7689) or visiting its website. Students must request that their textbooks be delivered to UCM Lee's Summit, and the University Store will then courier the textbooks to UCM Lee's Summit at no charge. Before coming to UCM Lee's Summit to pick up any materials you are expecting, please call 816-347-1612 to ensure they have arrived.

End of term book returns:

UCM Lee's Summit accepts both rental and buy-back books in accordance with the University Bookstore's return policy. UCM Lee's Summit will courier the books to the main campus and the University Bookstore will credit the student's account with any buy-back money the student is entitled to. Please contact the University Store at 1-800-330-7689 if you have any questions.

Library Services

The James C. Kirkpatrick Library has a UCM Lee's Summit library services website, which includes the library's resources for off-campus students. The site provides borrowing procedures, databases, interlibrary loan, tutorials for library services and more.
You may request that materials checked out from the JCKL circulation desk (e.g. books, DVDs, video tapes, etc.) be delivered to UCM Lee's Summit via the courier. You may pick up and return your library materials at the UCM Lee's Summit front desk.
JCKL librarians will also be available on site, at UCM Lee's Summit, 4-7 p.m. on Wednesdays during the fall and spring semesters, and 3-7 p.m. during the summer semester. Walk-ins and appointment time slots are available. Please, contact Marian Davis, distance learning librarian, for appointment times or any other questions via e-mail or by calling 660-543-8850. Her contact name for AIM, google, MSN, Yahoo and Twitter is: JCKLMarian.


UCM Lee's Summit offers students and faculty a courier service that transports educational material between UCM Lee's Summit and the main campus in Warrensburg.

Before coming to UCM Lee's Summit to pick up any materials you are expecting, please call 816-347-1612 to ensure they have arrived.

UCM Lee's Summit Room Map


If you would like to see where your class is located please click on our map of classrooms.

Important Links

To APPLY for Undergraduate Admissions:

To APPLY for Graduate Admissions:

To APPLY for International Admissions:

To ENROLL in courses via MyCentral:

To ORDER textbooks: or call 800-330-7698

To PAY your bill: or 660-543-8266

To CHECK your e-mail:

To CHECK your Blackboard account:

To OBTAIN a UCM Student ID:  Please inquire at UCM Lee's Summit front desk

UCM Lee's Summit Getting Started Checklist:

Enroll Yourself in 10 Easy Steps: 

Student User ID’s & Passwords Information Sheet: 

University Student Services

Students at UCM Lee's Summit have complete access to all online University Student Services, which are also provided on the main campus, and are eligible to attend and participate in any activity offered on the main campus.