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Master of Science

Industrial Management


The Master of Science in Industrial Management degree program is designed for students who desire work in management or supervisory positions in industry. Participants in the master’s degree program develop skills useful to business and industry. The program provides a balanced curriculum focusing on the human element of the workplace as well as a variety of industrial systems. Specific skills will be developed in the fields of leadership, problem solving, and decision making.

The program’s strength is the affordable curriculum presented by highly qualified faculty with expertise in the area of industrial management. The curriculum emphasizes student achievement while providing the flexibility necessary for students with busy schedules. The comprehensive curriculum focuses on technology management and organizational effectiveness with a research and scholarly work component designed to meet the needs of the individual student. Library resources are unequaled in similar size universities, with a strong emphasis on remote database access. This makes distance learning and associated research easier to achieve.

Requirements for Acceptance

To be accepted into this program, a student shall have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.6 in the undergraduate major. A student not meeting this requirement may petition the department for admittance on a conditional basis. Students are also not required to have GRE or GMAT scores. The 4000-level courses may be completed in the undergraduate program of study or through approved work experience. If these requirements are completed in this manner, elective courses are required to achieve the 33 semester hour degree requirement.

Students selecting the thesis must enroll in 3 hours for two consecutive semesters or 6 hours for a single semester. The applicant must complete the course SOT 5010, Applied Research for Technology, prior to submitting the application for candidacy. A “Career Goal Statement” is required of all applicants to this degree program.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (18 credit hours)

INDM 4210 Industrial Management 3
INDM 4260 Organizational Dynamics 3
INDM 5212 Production and Operations Management 3
INDM 5240 Engineering Economy 3
ENGT 4580 Quality Systems Engineering 3
SOT 5010 Applied Research for Technology 3

Culminating Experience (last semester of student’s program) (3-6 credit hours)
INDM 5230 Seminar in Industrial Management 3
SOT 5290 Thesis 3-6

Cognate Requirements (12 credit hours)
(choose any 3 with Thesis or 4 with Seminar)
INDM 4010 Current Issues in Industry 3
INDM 4220 Human Factors Engineering 3
INDM 4230 Lean and Quality Management 3
INDM 4240 Facilities Engineering 3
INDM 4250 Project Management 3
INDM 4280 Industrial Statistics 3
INDM 5015 Legal Aspects of Industry 3
INDM 5020 International Technology Management 3
INDM 5222 Principles and Practices of Lean Systems 3
INDM 5232 Seminar in Lean Six Sigma Implementation 3
INDM 5260 Systems Analysis and Management Information Systems 3
INDM 6580 Advanced Strategic Quality and Standard 3

Departmentally Approved Graduate Electives (3 credit hours)

Total: 33-36 hours

Questions About the Program

Dr. Ronald Woolsey

Program Coordinator




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