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Undergraduate Research

Library 1450
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4696

Representative Projects Funded

"Factors Influencing Environmental Activism"

"Using NMR to detect the Presence of RNA triple Helices"

"Heartworm Determination in Felines and Canines"

"Reduction of Carbon Footprints at a Midwest Regional University"

"An Introduction to the Use of 3D Aides in Agricultural Education"

"Gender Differences as Predictors of Well-being Following a Romantic Breakup"

"Human Environment Relationship Dynamics: a Qualitative Analysis"

"Prevalence of tick-born diseases in ticks using PCR"

"Preliminary Studies of Switchgrass Impact on Soil"

"An Analysis of ANA-POGIL"

"Monoids Defined by the Fibonacci Sequence"

"Fibonacci Numbers and the Resistance of an Infinite Circuit"

"First Derivative Test for Multivariable Functions"