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Alyssa T.

Acceptance into my current graduate program was due to my experience with undergraduate research.
Alyssa T.

Nick B.

I collaborated with professionals nationally and gave regional presentations.
Nick B.

Shawn C.

It gave me the skills and knowledge I need to become an ecological scholar and scientist.
Shawn C.

Representative Projects Funded

"Factors Influencing Environmental Activism"

"Using NMR to detect the Presence of RNA triple Helices"

"Heartworm Determination in Felines and Canines"

"Reduction of Carbon Footprints at a Midwest Regional University"

"An Introduction to the Use of 3D Aides in Agricultural Education"

"Gender Differences as Predictors of Well-being Following a Romantic Breakup"

"Human Environment Relationship Dynamics: a Qualitative Analysis"

"Prevalence of tick-born diseases in ticks using PCR"

"Preliminary Studies of Switchgrass Impact on Soil"

"An Analysis of ANA-POGIL"

"Monoids Defined by the Fibonacci Sequence"

"Fibonacci Numbers and the Resistance of an Infinite Circuit"

"First Derivative Test for Multivariable Functions"