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A. A. Leontiev speaking in 2003 about his father, A. N. Leontiev. Part1 and Part 2. (requires Windows Media Player to view)

Russian lecture on the life and creative path of A. N. Leontiev, May 2003. Much of the information in this lecture can be found in English in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology, Vol. 43/3, May-June, 2005; Vol. 43/4, July-August, 2005; Vol.43/5, September/October, 2005, titled A. N. Leontiev's Creative Path. Editors: D. Leontiev and D. Robbins.

40 Year Celebration of the Psychology Faculty at Moscow State University, November 24, 2006 slideshow of memories. Thanks to Dimitry Davydoff.

Images of A.N. Leontiev and family:

Young A.N. Leontiev

A.N. Leontiev
Image of A.N. Leontiev

A.N. Leontiev's son
A.A. Leontiev, (son of A.N. Leontiev)

Dimitry Leontiev
Dimitry A. Leontiev . (son of A.A. Leontiev)