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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Martin Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4896
Email: Dr. Karen Bradley, Director


Graduate Certificate in WGS

A student with a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies will be able to:

  • Articulate a complex understanding  of gender and sexuality, historically and cross-culturally
  • Critically utilize understandings of gender and sexuality in professional, work or civic settings
  • Apply leadership skills to civic and community decisions affecting issues of equality

To be accepted into the program, a student must have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 (based on 4.0). The program is designed to provide further knowledge and credentials for those already in their careers to allow for advancement or to supplement a Master’s degree to demonstrate a secondary area of expertise.

We have made our program as flexible as possible to ensure it fits with other graduate programs of study or can be finished efficiently as a stand-alone certificate.  Courses that you take for your graduate degree may also count for your graduate certificate—as long as you are meeting the other requirements. 


Select one of the courses from the following:

  • WGS 5450 Seminar in Gender and Sexuality Studies (3)   



  • WGS 5250 Feminist Theory and Methods

This course will be offered once every year. It will always be offered in an online format. The two courses will be repeated in a yearly basis. We intend for you to score atleast B in this required class. if you don't, we urge you to take whichever of the two required classes you did not chhose, just to ensure you are prepared.

Then you may select from a wide array of electives.  As a multi-disciplinary field of study, we want to ensure you have exposure to the different conversations that are occurring in different disciplines about gender and sexuality. Hence, you need to have courses from at least two different prefix areas, other than WGS.  Note one of these must be at the 5000 level.  Notice some classes may have prerequisites and some classes are only 2 credit hours instead of 3.  Some of these classes are online and some are in-class. Just check the schedule carefully when you are enrolling.

GRADUATE ELECTIVES (9) (must have at least two different prefix areas, not WGS, one must be 5000 level).

ANTH 4820 Anthropology of Gender (3)
CFD 4220 Sexuality across the Lifespan (3)
CFD 4850 Family Policy and Advocacy (3)
CFD 5280 Professional Issues in Sexuality Education (3)
CJ 4403 Sexual Assault and the Criminal Justice System (3)
CJ 4920 Women and Crime (3)
COMM 4285 Women and Minorities in the Media (3)
COMM 4335 Gender Communication (3)
ENGL 4560 British Women Writers (3)
ENGL 4660 Women Writers of the United States (3)
HED 4320 Teaching Sexuality Education in the School (3)
HIST 4310 Women in America (3)
HIST 4327 African-American Women, Gender & Childhood (3)
HIST 4419 Women in Modern Europe (3)
NUR 4030 Human Sexuality (2)*
POLS 4581 Civic Rights and Liberties (3)
PSY 4320 Psychology of Women (2)*
SOC 4855 Family Diversity (3)
SOC 5870 Gender, Sexuality, and Aging(3)
SOC 5800 Seminar in Inclusion & Marginality in Societies (3)
WS 4910 Special Projects in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies (1-4) (Take 1 hr credit here, if you have a 2 hr course*)



                To apply for the Graduate certificate, you simply need to go to the Graduate School online website and complete their forms.  Just mark the box for WGS Graduate Certificate!  They will notify me the WGS Director that you have applied.  The Director will contact you at that point but feel free to just swing by or email anytime. You don’t have to wait!

Note to International Graduate students

                International graduate students may also pursue a graduate certificate degree in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. To be admitted into the certificate program, you need to be a full time student admitted into one of the degree programs at UCM. The admission into the graduate certificate program is processed by the UCM International Center and the Graduate School cooperatively. The WGS Graduate Certificate is not available as a stand-alone degree for international students.

Interested in a GRADUATE ASSISTANT Position?

                WGS does have one 20 hour per week Graduate Assistant position each semester.  If you would like to be considered, you will need to apply through the Graduate School.  This position is an administrative position, not a teaching or research position.  Priority is given to graduate certificate students.  Applications are reviewed in March for the following year.