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Learning Strategies (AE 1820)


AE 1820 Learning Strategies - 2 credit hours

Many students find that high school did not prepare them for the demands of studying on a college level. College academic success depends on a student's ability to study independently. Learning Strategies is a course that focuses on strategies for college academic success. The course offers tips and strategies for

  • Reading a college textbook
  • Taking and studying lecture notes
  • Managing your time
  • Setting goals
  • Improving memory and concentration
  • Taking multiple choice, true/false, and essay exams
  • Understanding the UCM Catalog, general education courses, and majors/minors 
  • Planning semester schedules

Learning Strategies (AE 1820) is a two-hour elective course.

Comments from students who have taken Learning Strategies

  • It helped condition me to college studying.
  • As a freshman, I think that without Learning Strategies I would have been so lost.
  • It helped me adjust to college a lot. I would highly recommend it.
  • I really think this class helped get me prepared for what it takes to study and survive in college.
  • I got a lot out of Learning Strategies because the way you have to study in college and in high school are complete different.

For additional information about Learning Strategies courses, contact:

Cecelia Brewer
Coordinator, Freshman Seminar/Learning Strategies
Assistant Professor
Humphreys 127A