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The little voice in your head that whispers, “What am I doing?” wants you to think you’re alone – but you’re not. Everyone wrestles with “what-ifs,” “I-don’t-knows” and wondering what they’re capable of. The university you choose and the people you surround yourself with matter.

UCM is where you’ll develop your passions and learn how to make a career out of them. Imagine getting paid for doing what you love. That’s the ultimate goal, right? It’ll be hard work, but the possibilities are here. So is your support team of mentors, advisors, counselors, classmates, friends and professors. We’re all here to guide you, challenge you and cheer you on. It’s this sense of connection, discovery and purpose that gives your little voice a new confidence, knowing that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

It’s time to answer, “What am I doing?” with, “I’m redefining what’s possible.”

UCM fashion students


Affordable Possibilities


Plain and simple – higher education should be accessible. Shop around, and you’ll find that UCM keeps its costs within reach by providing lower-than-average tuition. Use our Scholarship Finder to match with hundreds of scholarships and grants so you can graduate with less debt.


94% of UCM undergraduate students receive financalaid

Red & Black Scholarship - Earn up to full tuition and fees

665+ Scholarships Available



UCM Administration building and quad

Plan your visit to UCM!


How do we say this?


It’s hard to put a feeling into words, but when you get here, you’ll get it. We’re talking about that “my professors know my first name” feeling. That “I finally feel understood” feeling. That “I see a clear path to my future” feeling. It’s different for every person, but it comes from the resources, opportunities and attitudes you’ll find across campus.


18 Students - Average class size

Each student is paired with their own success team of counselors, advisors and mentors

96% of UCM students launch their career or continue their education within 6 months of graduation

Find Your Major


With 150+ majors to choose from, there’s something for everyone at UCM. Want to soar through the skies? Make an impact in health care? Write a New York Times bestseller? Inspire the next generation? We’ll help you find your passion and get there.

Majors  Graduate Studies  Certificates

What do you want to study?

A collage of various students and faculty related to different programs

Not sure about your major?

Look into UCM’s one-of-a-kind Open Option program, where you can explore for up to two semesters until you find the program for you – without falling behind or losing time toward graduation.


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