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Valuing Differences


AE 1450 Valuing Differences - 1 credit hour

Through lecture, video, simulation exercises, reaction papers, and small/large group discussion, this course introduces students to a variety of issues and challenges relating to race, gender, and culture. Within the context of a personal, experiential, and interactive learning environment, students will examine ways in which culturally diverse populations enrich our society through their differences as well as through their similarities.Valuing Differences Class - Spring 2004

Student comments:

  • "I am amazed at how much my eyes have been opened."
  • "This course helped me understand myself, my upbringing, and who I am."
  • "If this is not a required course for graduation, then none should be."
  • "Excellent opportunity for risk-taking and to learn about people who are different from me."
  • "It opened my eyes to understand how other people go through life."
  • "Enlightened me more than any other course."
  • "Deals with topics that others are afraid to touch."
  • "Best class I have ever taken."

For additional information about Valuing Differences - Discovering Common Ground courses, contact:

Steve Ciafullo, Valuing Differences Coordinator


Steve Ciafullo
Valuing Differences Director
Humphreys 120A
Phone: 660-543-8290